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Witness Captures Daytime UFO Photo Over Area 51

British UFO Investigator Darren Perks filed a report December 30, 2012, with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) for a contact in Alamo, NV, who took a photograph of an unusual "sphere moving towards the west."

The witness was walking near the Windmill Ranch Hotel just outside Alamo when the sphere was first seen.

"Behind the mountains is Area 51 and on this particular day there had been no aircraft activity out of Nellis AFB or Groom Lake," Perks stated. "The sun was behind the person who took this picture and you can clearly see this from the shadows on the ground in the picture."

The image was taken on September 29, 2012.

"The contact had forgotten this image until he recently went through some old SD memory cards and came across it just before Christmas. He contacted me immediately and we cannot find any conventional explanation for this sphere."

The witness and three others saw flashes in the sky that day.

"He does recall seeing flashes in the sky which were also witnessed by staff from the hotel, in total three other persons. He cannot find any conventional explanation for this sphere and satellites and astronomical objects have been ruled out. The contact has asked me to share this image and I will respect their wishes by not naming them. None the less, this is certainly a decent image and one that should certainly be shared with the public."

A Good Compilation of UFO Sightings in 2012 - Video

Compilation of UFO Sightings form 2012

Multiple Daytime Sightings Over San Antonio, Video

Posters Comments
December-28-2012 multiple UFO Sightings were captured on video over San Antonio,TX. This day I manage to capture some amazing UFO footage. Here is a short video of clips,as they happened that day. On this video you will clearly see these UFOs and their flight patterns.With some reference points such as tree top's.Video was filmed over the S/E side of San Antonio,TX Video consist of glowing orb's of energy,that seem to be traveling on its own power.Not blown by the wind,these object's are clearly not aircraft/weather balloons/satellites.

Three different daytime UFO sightings over San Antonio December 28, 2012

Aliens And The Cover Up, Ancient Aliens S05E02

Why do some people believe that the government keeps reports of UFO encounters under wraps, and what might these cover-ups reveal about our ancient past? For those of you who like the Rendlesham UFO incident, they touch on the dubious case of the hand on the craft and the coded message said to be seen by Jim Penniston 

S05E02 Aliens and Cover-Ups (44:12)

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The Truth About Area 51, UFO & Aliens, The Bob Lazar Story

Readers and viewers should be aware that Bob Lazar is a very controversial subject. He certainly has his supporters and detractors which makes his story all that much more fascinating. 

Bob Lazar shatters the cloak of secrecy surrounding the Unites States military's most highly sensitive operations located at an area known as S4 of Area 51, in the Nevada Air Force Range. Lazar gives a full account of Alien spacecraft the Government has hidden at S4 as well as details on their propulsion systems and how they operate. Bob Lazar was part of the reverse-engineering team. As chief physicist on project "Galileo", Lazar reveals what the US Military has known and held secret for decades. The Lazar Tape - describes and portrays the components and capabilities of an extraterrestrial vehicle used for interstellar space travel; a gravity propelled disc.

Between December 1988 and April of 1989, as a young nuclear physicist, Bob Lazar was part of the back engineering team. As part of this team his job was to understand and attempt to duplicate the propulsion systems of these craft.

1. How is it possible to travel vast distances of space without exceeding the speed of light?
2. How do you generate a gravitational field?
3. What is the power source for interstellar travel?

All of these question are answered and more in the Original and Official -- Bob Lazar Video.

NOTE: This is a rare archival video. Portions of this video have been restored however the information contained in this program remains intact from the time when it was original produced.

Best NASA Image 2012, The Destroyer of Worlds

This Awesome Destroyer of Worlds Is the Best Astronomy Image of the Year

I was looking back for the best, most impressive astronomy images of the year 2012—ready to post a winner when this dropped in my NASA feed. The image is stunning on its own, but the description just made my head spin. Combined with its sheer beauty, it made it the winner. Here is why:
The blue star in the center of the image is Zeta Ophiuchi, a titanic object "six times hotter, eight times wider, 20 times more massive, and about 80,000 times as bright" than our Sun. Located 370 light-years away from us, Zeta Ophiuchi is travelling across the Universe on its own, zooming through at 24 kilometers per second. That's an incredible 54,000mph. In the image, the star is going from the right side to the left.
For an object of that size, this is quite remarkable on its own—but there is more. The reason why this image taken by the Spitzer Space Telescope is so awesome is not the star itself, but what surrounds it.
Look at the pink and green threads of dust to the left, ahead of it. They are twisted and curved, as if they were running away from the star. The fact is that these columns of stellar dust are running away from it—they weren't like this a few years ago.
They are curved because of the bow shock from Zeta Ophiuchi. As it travels, the massive star emits such powerful stellar winds that it blows away anything on its path. The star's hot gas particles travel ahead of the star—half light-year ahead. That's "almost 800 times the distance from the sun to Pluto". According to NASA, "the speed of the winds added to the star's supersonic motion result in the spectacular collision seen here."
The particles travel much faster than the star, adding to their own speed the speed of Zeta Ophiuchi. And as the particles collide with the calm dust column, they move its particles, deforming it violently.
And that is what makes my head spin: to think that this exists, that this magnificent scene happened 370 years ago and that, by now, that towering dust is probably shredded to pieces. I consider it a tiny preview of what is going to happen to the Pillars of Creation once the supernova shock gets there.
So is this the best astronomy image of the year? I think so.

Has NASA Found Gold On Mars? Video

I am a bit skeptical of someone without any scientific background making these types of claims but this video is getting a lot of attention and I thought you might be interested in seeing it. 

Poster Comments
I was looking over Google Mars and discovered this large patch of gold strewn out over the hills. This is amazing and explains why NASA tries to blur or change the original color of Mars photos so that other nations will not become aware of the massive amounts of GOLD! Google Mars Ruler tells us that one deposit is 33.4 km long and another is 12 km long.

Gold discovered on Mars

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We Have Entered a New Consciousness, A New Era

Did 2012 Usher in a New Consciousness? 

Change is Occurring it is Just Hard to Understand

We have entered a new age. It took more than 5000 years get through the first cycle so it only stands to reason that we would not even noticed that something new has happened. In the opening days, years and decades of this new era, the change would be so imperceptible that the vast majority of people would be completely unaware of it. Some people started to notice that change was in the air several years ago, they could sense it, they could feel it and they could almost taste it. The Mayans believed this new era would transform our civilization from fear based society to one that has a vibration much higher in harmony. That is not to say that everything is perfect, far from it but it is to say we have arrived at the dawn of a new time. 

Many Started To Believe The Hype

Then the people that preached the end of the world turned up, Hollywood jumped on the bandwagon, it made for a great story and many people got caught up in the hype. Remove the hype, Hollywood, the doomsday preachers, the marketeers, the money makers and where does that leave us. It leaves us in a new era when most of mankind will start to wake up to inequities in the world, pertaining to wealth, poverty, sickness, health, war, renewable energy, peace, power and governments. With a few exceptions, such as world wars it is extremely hard to recognize the historical significance of the times you are living in. It is only when historians examine it years later do we really understand the importance of those times.

The Biggest Change in History is Happening Now

Right at the end of this cycle we are seeing the biggest change the world has ever seen, the development and growth of the internet. The internet is not just access to information it is an educational tool giving us a connection to a sea of information like we have never had before, it has the ability to change attitudes, lives and history. The internet is only in it infancy and already we have seen the mapping of the human gnome and advance in medicine like we have never seen before. As we speak we are watching the Arab Spring movement unfold which was clearly being hastened by the internet. The internet has enabled social media in ways that are changing lives, governments and the geopolitical landscape forever.

Mainstream Media

We are living through the demise of the mainstream media, they are floundering and losing their grip over the populations of the world. Television news is no longer dished out at five or six in the evening by one network in most countries and three networks in the United States. Gone are the days of reading the newspaper and believing it to be Gospel. The veil that the mainstream media has hidden behind for more than a century is now so tattered we can see through it. The mainstream media has had a political agenda for decades, we have probably seen the 'last hurrah' of the networks impact on elections in 2012. In all probability their impact on elections by 2016 and certainly by 2020 will be so greatly diminished it will no longer influence voters.The mainstream media is in a complete state of panic, they see the train heading in their direction but they can't seem to get out of the way. They all know the digital age is here and their landscaped has changed but they can't figure out how to salvage their empires. The reason they can't is because they can't own, buy a percentage of or control the internet. The internet has given average citizens a voice, people can now interact with others about information they send or receive. This used to be the domain of governments and mainstream news organizations but those days are all but over.

Explosive Change

During the 1990s, it was estimated that the Internet grew by 100% per year, with a brief period of explosive growth in 1996 and 1997. This growth is often attributed to the lack of central administration, which allows organic growth of the network, as well as the non-proprietary open nature of the internet protocols. This encourages growth and public consumption and prevents any one company and more importantly any one government from exerting too much control over the network. As of 2010 it is estimated that 2 billion people had access to the internet with the growth showing no signs of slowing down.

The Dark Side

Of course it would be foolish not to acknowledge the dark side of the internet. The Internet is a technological marvel, but there is an evil side that is pervasive and sometimes hard to avoid. No one is beyond its power and pull. It’s a world where academics and researchers might find the data required to solve some of mankind’s biggest problems, but also where criminal syndicates operate, and terrorist handbooks and child pornography are freely distributed. That is why it is up to each one of us to recognize the dark side, keep it in check and understand it for what it is.

Recognize the Dangers

Government and the media's efforts to restrict, monitor, and control the Internet, its services, and its users are the most serious threat to freedoms of our time, perhaps ultimately of any time in history. For abuse of the Internet in such manners could set the stage for a future of dictatorial surveillance and restrictions on communications, knowledge, and speech that simply would not have previously been technically possible. Restriction and control of the internet may be more or at least as damaging as nuclear weapons. Control would be a sure recipe for blunting a new consciousness that we are all so eager to move to. At no previous time in human history has a technology existed that has become as pervasively crucial to so many aspects of our individual and collective experiences. That it why it is critical that every person take an active role in preventing one centralized power from taking control of the internet. We must be particularly vigilante of the United Nations, The United States, China and the EU. Now is not the time for apathy or inaction.

Reason for the Silence

There are reason for the celestial silence and it is not because life is rare in the universe. The so-called "Great Silence" is the contradictory and counter-intuitive observation that we have yet to see any evidence for the existence of aliens. The size and age of the Universe suggests that many technologically advanced extraterrestrial intelligence's (ETIs) ought to exist — but this hypothesis seems inconsistent with the lack of observational evidence (for most people) to support it

On the Brink of Entering the "Greater Community"

Most thinking people believe that we are not the only community that inhabits the universe. Before we can enter the "greater community" we must prove that we will not self destruct either for environmental reasons (global warming or global cooling) , nuclear wars or from some type of pandemic illness. It is critical that we move beyond self destruct mode and we must show that we are capable of putting a serious dent in sickness, poverty, renewable energy, distribution of power and stop all wars. That is the price of admission to the greater universe and the vehicle for getting our hands on that kind of intellectual capital can only come from the internet.

Difficult to Stay Positive But We Must

It's difficult to not be pessimistic when considering humanity's future prospects. Many people would agree that it's more likely than not that we'll eventually do ourselves in. And in fact, some astrobiologists theorize that all advanced civilizations hit the same insurmountable developmental wall we have. The basic idea is that every civilization destroys itself before developing space-faring technologies. Hence the empty cosmos. Given our own trajectory and the ominous presence of apocalyptic weapons, this scenario certainly seems plausible. But that doesn't mean this interpretation is the correct one, not if we take the time to understand the changes we are going through and be the catalyst for positive change. 2012 did not bring about sweeping dramatic change that many expected but it did bring about a slow gentle 5000 year adjustment that we must begin to grasp. As Bob Dylan wrote back in the 1960's "Times They are a Changin" it is simply up to us to figure out what we are going to do about it!

Change Going Forward

  • The veil of amnesia that we were all born with will start to be lifted
  • The truth about our origins will begin to filter into our consciousness
  • A new sense has been added to our arsenal, intuition, it will become stronger then sight, hearing, taste, smell or touch
  • The world is experiencing a massive wake up call, it is happening now
  • We have entered into an age where people will help others wake up
  • We must demand that governments start the hard process of disclosure
  • We must recognize the lies, such as overpopulation, inability to cure some illnesses, renewable energy are lies told for the benefit of a few and to the determent of many. 
  • We will gain entrance into communities of the universe but we still have to prove that we are worthy
  • Activism through the internet will be unprecedented and unparalleled
  • The internet will dramatically change every few years going forward 
  • The explosion of the internet just at the tail end of the 5125 year cycle did not happen by accident

One Of The Best UFO Video Compilations of 2012, Oregon

We really do not have much of a description to go on with the video but I can assure you it is well worth your time. 

Posters Comments
UFOs and Aliens on the ground, Oregon, Video You must watch.

UFO Sightings from 2012, all video presumed to be shot in Oregon

UFOs in Europe - The Untold Story, Full Version S01E04

UFOs: The Untold Stories: Season 1 Episode 4
Locals spot an object above a Portuguese town, military personnel see a series of UFOs in the sky, a craft emits strange lights across a village.

National Geographic, UFOs in Europe, The Untold Story S01E04

Disc Shaped UFO Over Sydney, Daytime Video with Night Vision

Apparently this daytime video was shot with infrared digital filter in night vision mode. The craft was not visible to the naked eye. 

Posters Comments
When I filming the Plane spheres UFO appeared the left side the Plane.This object suddenly stop between the cloud gap, went down stop then lifted up then high speed went inside the cloud.I slowed down and making frame-by frame, so you can see the craft real shape.The camera was what i used this time:Sony D C R- T R V 530 Digital camcorder. I R 760 and I R 850 Infra red digital filter fitted, and Night shot position was used. This UFO wasn't visible on the eye.

UFO Captured on Video over Sydney Australia Dec 27, 2012

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The Most Bizarre Picture of Mars Ever Taken - NASA

Looking at this picture of the North Pole of Mars makes you think you are viewing a well groomed ski slope in fading daylight with a sprinkling of trees and normal vegetation, but if NASA is to be believed that is only a deception.  

NASA's Explanation 

This image taken near the north pole of Mars shows dark brown streaks over the pink sand. NASA writes about the image, “When occurring near the top of a dune, dark sand may cascade down the dune leaving dark surface streaks — streaks that might appear at first to be trees standing in front of the lighter regions, but cast no shadows.

Are We Living in a Giant Computer Simulation - Matrix

Living in a simulated world: UW scientists explore the theory

University of Washington physicists have come up with one way to test whether our universe is a giant computer simulation being run by our descendants.

By Katherine Long

It is entirely plausible, says University of Washington physics professor Martin Savage, that our universe and everything in it is one huge computer simulation being run by our descendants.

You, me, this website, the room you're sitting in — everything we think of as reality is actually being generated by vast, powerful supercomputers of the future.

If that sounds mind-blowing, Savage and his colleagues think they've come up with a way to test whether it's true.

Their paper, "Constraints on the Universe as a Numerical Simulation," has kindled a lively international discussion about the simulation argument, which was first put forth in 2003 by University of Oxford philosophy professor Nick Bostrom.

A UW News posting explaining Savage's paper has gotten more than 100,000 page views in a week, and ignited theories about the nature of reality and consciousness, the limits on computer networks and musings about what our future selves might be like.

Savage has been interviewed by U.S. News & World Report, The Australian and journalists in Finland, and his colleague and co-author, University of New Hampshire professor Silas Beane, has been interviewed by the BBC. UW physics graduate student Zohreh Davoudi also contributed to the paper.

"It's sort of caught fire," Savage said.

Bostrom, the Oxford professor, first proposed the idea that we live in a computer simulation in 2003. In a 2006 article, he said there was probably no way to know for certain if it is true.

Savage — who describes his "day job" as doing numerical simulations of lattice quantum chromodynamics — said a chance discussion among colleagues sparked the idea that there was a way to test the truth of Bostrom's theory.

And although it might deviate from the work he usually does, it was a worthy question because "there are lots of things about our universe we don't fully understand," Savage said. "This is certainly a different scenario for how our universe works — but nonetheless, it's quite plausible."

In the paper, the physicists propose looking for a "signature," or pattern, in our universe that also occurs in current small-scale computer simulations. One such pattern might be a limitation in the energy of cosmic rays.

Because this theory is starting to test the limits of this reporter's scientific knowledge, we are going to rely on the words of UW News science writer Vince Stricherz, who translated the 14-page paper into laymen's terms:

"There are signatures of resource constraints in present-day simulations that are likely to exist as well in simulations in the distant future, including the imprint of an underlying lattice if one is used to model the space-time continuum," Stricherz wrote.

If our world is a computer simulation, "the highest-energy cosmic rays would not travel along the edges of the lattice in the model but would travel diagonally, and they would not interact equally in all directions as they otherwise would be expected to do."

Got that?

In other words, even supercomputers capable of creating a simulation of the universe would be hobbled by finite resources, and one way we might be able to detect those limits is to look for cosmic rays that don't travel the way they would be expected to travel.

Savage and his team are theorists, not experimentalists. They're not planning to perform such a test, although other physicists have said they're interested in doing so.

And such a test wouldn't absolutely prove we live in a computer simulation — just that it is possible.

"It would just be a beginning," Savage said. "It would be curious. It would stimulate further work."

As of late last week, the UW News article had sparked a wide-ranging online discussion, with more than 100 responses.

Among them:

"It seems unlikely that someone who could do this would be using the same programming techniques that we are currently thinking about. So doing this test might prove we are a sim (simulation) of dim-witted aliens but could not disprove that we are sims of ones slightly smarter than ourselves."

But — "IF we are in a simulation, then the world outside this simulated world is quite possibly COMPLETELY different from the world in it. We may very well be triple-headed, 7-legged cockroach-like creatures that decided to run a homo-sapiens simulation for the fun of it."

"You folks take yourselves way too seriously," another wrote. "This is proof we never should have legalized marijuana."

Savage believes that at some point in the future, if mankind doesn't self-destruct along the way, "we'll try to do simulations of our history. We'll create something that looks like our own universe."

The paper concludes on this note: "There always remains the possibility for the simulated to discover the simulators."

If life is a simulation, though, it doesn't bother Savage.

"I don't stay up at night worrying about it," he said, laughing.


Witness Sees Triangular UFO For 5 Minutes, Arizona

Artist Likeness
First witness outside called us to look in the sky, some clouds from previous snow storm. But in a break (in the clouds) could see 5 lights, possible 5 separate UFOs in a V-shape, or 1 craft with 5 lights, an estimate of 5 total. Flying in the same direction (no sounds that could mistake them for jet/plane). Some were close and others farther above in elevation. Never witnessed a UFO sighting like this before. They appeared to be cruising together, in the same direction but one after another flew by. Bright, white lights, like stars. Couldn't find a camera, but witnessed this sighting for almost 5 minutes.

MUFON Report
Case Number 44771
Log Number US-12252012-0007
Date Submitted 12/25/2012 02:46 UTC
Date of the Event 12/24/2012 10:15 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary 5 light objects, possible wedge like flying object with 5 lights. of 5 objects flying in v shape

Low Altitude Daytime UFO Sighting, Flashing Lights, Pennsylvania, Video

The witness claims that that there was a black object in the sky for a period of 2.5 to 3 hours before these flashing lights appeared below it. Apparently once these flashing lights showed up the black object could no longer be seen.

Poster Comments
This was seen between 2-3 PM in Chester County, PA. The black object (seen in video 2) was seen fist and hovered in the same spot for at least 2-1/2 to 3 hours that we saw. These lights then appeared below it.

UFO on Christmas Day in Chester County PA. 

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New Trailer For Greer's Controversial Documentary - SIRIUS

Here is the latest preview by Dr. Steven Greer and Neverending Light Productions of the new documentary SIRIUS.

This controversial UFO/Alien documentary looks intriguing to say the least. 

NASA Soviet Dossier, They Know More About ET Then They Are Telling Us

This video is a little bit hard to follow at first but it you stay with it for 2-3 minutes if gets much easier and starts to make sense. This is a highly intriguing video from the 1970's that discusses the American and Russian Space programs with particular emphasis of what both countries discovered on and about the moon. 

Did the Russians encounter extraterrestrial life/UFOs in space and on the moon, were the Americans warned about being on the moon during the Apollo programs? This video explores those questions and more

Bizarre Light From Earth's Surface Lights up Clouds From Below

This video was taken on December 17 in Brazil near the town of Palontina. Strong light emanating from the surface is a very strange phenomena. As you can see from the photos it actually lights up the underside of the clouds. If it is a natural occurrence it is something that is inexplicable. There appears to be no known source or man-made structure giving off this light.

This video was taken on Dec 17, 2012 in Brazil. It actually shows the clouds being light from below. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Contact with ET - Is The Great Filter Preventing Interstellar Contact

The Great Filter theory suggests humans have already conquered the threat of extinction

by George Dvorsky
It's difficult to not be pessimistic when considering humanity's future prospects. Many people would agree that it's more likely than not that we'll eventually do ourselves in. And in fact, some astrobiologists theorize that all advanced civilizations hit the same insurmountable developmental wall we have. They call it the Great Filter. It's a notion that's often invoked to explain why we've never been visited by extraterrestrials.
But there is another possible reason for the celestial silence. Yes, the Great Filter exists, but we've already passed it. Here's what this would mean.
Before we can get to the Great Filter hypothesis we have to appreciate what the Fermi Paradox is telling us.

The Fermi Paradox and the Great Silence

The so-called "Great Silence" is the contradictory and counter-intuitive observation that we have yet to see any evidence for the existence of aliens. The size and age of the Universe suggests that many technologically advanced extraterrestrial intelligences (ETIs) ought to exist — but this hypothesis seems inconsistent with the lack of observational evidence to support it.
Despite much of what popular culture and sci-fi would lead us to believe, the fact that we haven't been visited by ETIs is disturbing. Our galaxy is so ancient that it could have been colonized hundreds, if not thousands, of times over by now. Even the most conservative estimates show that we should have already made contact either directly or indirectly (such as from dormant Bracewell communication probes).
Some skeptics dismiss the Fermi Paradox by suggesting that ETI's have come and gone, or that they wouldn't find us interesting.
Unfortunately, most solutions to the FP don't hold for a number of reasons, including the realization that a colonization wave of superintelligent aliens would likely rework the fabric of all life in the cosmos (e.g. uplifting), or that these solutions are sociological in nature (i.e. they lack scientific rigor and don't necessarily apply to the actions of all advanced civilizations; all it would take is just one to think and behave differently — what astrobiologists refer to as the non-exclusivity problem).
There have been many attempts to resolve the Fermi Paradox, including the herculean attempt by Stephen Webb in his book, Fifty Solutions to Fermi's Paradox and the Problem of Extraterrestrial Life.
And like the immutable laws of the universe, the GF ( Great Filter) is a stumbling block that holds true across the board; if it applies here on Earth, it applies everywhere.
Many look upon the GF as evidence that we'll destroy ourselves in the future. The basic idea is that every civilization destroys itself before developing space-faring technologies. Hence the empty cosmos. Given our own trajectory and the ominous presence of apocalyptic weapons, this scenario certainly seems plausible. We're not even close to going interstellar, yet we're certainly capable of self-annihilation.
But that doesn't mean this interpretation of the GF is the correct one. Rather, it's quite possible that human civilization has already passed the Great Filter. Should this be the case, it would be exceptionally good news. Assuming there's no other filter awaiting us in the future, it means we might be the first and only intelligent civilization in the Milky Way.
It's a possibility, however, that demands explanation. If the filter is behind us, what was it? And how did we manage to get past it? Interestingly, there are some excellent candidates.

Rare Earth

First and foremost there's the Rare Earth Hypothesis (REH), the suggestion that the emergence of life was extremely improbable for a confluence of reasons. The theory essentially suggests that we hit the jackpot here on Earth.
But one solution stands out from the others, mostly on account of its brute elegance: The Great Filter.

The Great Filter

Conceived in 1998 by Robin Hanson, the GF is the disturbing suggestion that there is some kind of absurdly difficult step in the evolution of life — one that precludes it from becoming interstellar.
This argument, which was first articulated by geologist Peter Ward and astrobiologist Donald E. Brownlee, turns the whole Copernican Principle on its head. Instead of saying that we're nothing special or unique, the REH implies the exact opposite — that we are freakishly special and unique. What we see here on Earth in this solar system and in this part of the Galaxy may be a remarkable convergence of highly unlikely factors — factors that have resulted in a perfect storm of conditions suitable for the emergence of complex life.
It's important to note that Ward and Brownlee are not implying that it's one or two conditions that can explain habitability, but rather an entire array of happy accidents. For example, stars might have to be of the right kind (including adequate metallicity and safe distance from dangerous celestial objects), and planets must be in a stable orbit with a large moon. Other factors include the presence of gas giants, plate tectonics, and many others.
But even with all the right conditions, life was by no means guaranteed. It's quite possible that the Great Filter involved the next set of steps: the emergence of life and its ongoing evolution.

The improbability of life

Indeed, in addition to all the cosmological and chemical prerequisites for life, there were at least three critical stages that could all be considered candidates for the Great Filter: (1) the emergence of reproductive molecules (abiogenesis and the emergence of RNA), (2) simple single-celled life (prokaryotes), and (3) complex single-celled life (eukaryotes).
Chemists and biologists are still not entirely sure how the first self-replicating molecules came into existence. Unlike its big brother, DNA, RNA is a single-stranded molecule that has a much shorter chain of nucleotides. Moreover, it usually needs DNA to reproduce itself — which would have been a problem given the absence of DNA in those early days.
That said, scientists know that RNA is capable of reproducing through autocatalysis. It does this by storing information similar to DNA, which allows it to become its own catalyst (a ribosome). This so-called RNA World Model suggests that RNA can function as both a gene and an enzyme — a pre-DNA configuration that eventually became the basis for all life.
Given that we've never detected life elsewhere, it's difficult to know how difficult this initial step was. But that said, this form of life emerged super-early in the Earth's history — about a billion years after its formation, and immediately after the cooling of rocks and the emergence of oceans.
But what we do know is that the next few steps — the leap from single-celled life to complex single-celled life — was exceedingly difficult, if not highly improbable. The process of copying a genetic molecule is extremely complex, involving the perfect configuration of proteins and other cellular components.
Here's how it likely happened: Once a self-replicating molecule emerged, the presence of RNA allowed for the formation of protobionts, a theoretic precursor to prokaryotic cells. These tightly bound bundles of organic molecules contained RNA within their membranes — which could have evolved into proper prokaryotic cells.
And here's where it gets interesting. After the formation of prokaryotes — about 3.5 billion years ago — nothing changed in the biological landscape for the next 1.8 billion years. Life in this primitive form was completely stuck. Imagine that — no evolution for almost two billion years. It was only after the endosymbiosis of multiple prokaryotes that complex single-cell life finally emerged — a change that was by no means guaranteed, and possibly unlikely.
And it's this highly improbable step, say some scientists, that's the Great Filter. Everything that happened afterward is a complete bonus.
Now that said, there may have been other filters as well. These could include the emergence of terrestrial organisms, hominids, and various civilizational stages, like the transition from stone age culture to agricultural to industrial. But unlike the first primordial stages already discussed, these are porous filters and not terribly unlikely.

More filters ahead?

So, if the GF is behind us, it would do much to explain the Fermi Paradox and the absence of extraterrestrial influence on the cosmos. Should that be the case, we may very well have a bright future ahead of us. The Milky Way Galaxy is literally ours for the taking, our future completely open-ended.
But before we jump to conclusions, it's only fair to point out that we're not out of the woods yet. There could very well be another GF in the future — one just as stingy as the filters of our past. The universe, while giving the appearance of bio-friendliness, may in reality be extremely hostile to intelligent life.

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Educating Humanity - Merry Christmas

Just wanted to take a moment to wish all the readers, viewers of Educating Humanity a very Merry Christmas. Taking your time to visit the site is greatly appreciate. We are planning on a few major enhancements in 2013 and will continue to post and grow as we move throughout the year.
Merry Christmas

Around the Globe- A Snow Globe Timelapse Journey from Canada to London from All Cut Up Films on Vimeo.

MoD Chief Says Contact With Alien Life in 24 Years

THE human race could make contact with alien life within 12 years, a former Ministry of Defence chief has claimed.One of the key questions about the universe, 'is there life out there?', could be answered by 2024 with the development of a supersized £1.3bn radio telescope.

According to former Ministry of Defence UFO Project leader Nick Pope, the development of the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) telescope will unleash “new and exciting possibilities.”

Mr Pope, who studied UFO sightings at the MoD for 21 years, said: “I will be controversial and give you an exact year of when I believe first confirmation of contact will be made – and that is 2024, the year in which if everything goes according to plan the Square Kilometre Array will be fully operational.” 

The SKA, to be started in 2016, is set to be the world’s largest radio telescope and will answer some of the fundamental unanswered questions of our universe.

Made up of thousands of radio wave receptors covering 1,900 square miles of the Earth’s surface in the Australian outback, scientists have claimed it will provide alternative views of the Universe than those seen with optical telescopes.

Scientists leading its development have suggested the SKA will be 50 times more sensitive, and will survey the sky 10 000 times faster, than any other telescope.

A spokesman for the SKA said: “It will give astronomers insight into the formation and evolution of the first stars and galaxies after the Big Bang, the role of cosmic magnetism, the nature of gravity and possibly even life beyond.”

Mr Pope added: “If there is a civilization within 100 light-years this telescope could find it. We are now beginning to have the technology whether it’s the SKA or maybe other telescopes that are being developed that will allow these possibilities. We are searching all the time for a shadow earth.”

With the Mayan prediction of the End of the World not coming to fruition and with thousands celebrating the continuation of life on earth, the possibility of life beyond earth is the next big question that hangs over our existence.

Recent research suggested that nearly 10 per cent of the population has seen a UFO, equally more than 6million people just in the UK.

Mr Pope added: “When I was investigating UFOs, I investigated 2-300 reports each year. 10 per cent is an absolutely astonishing figure.” 

The world-leading UFO expert also speculated as to how the extra-terrestrial life could make contact.

He said: “The old fashioned idea was that there would be this landing on the White House lawn. First contact might just happen via email, but more likely it will be through radio signals.”

The belief in aliens – or euthology - has received worldwide support and a recent poll suggested more people actually believe in aliens than they do in God.

Nearly 60 per cent of people believe we are not alone in the universe and that alien life-forms exist, according to the new poll by Opinion Matters.

While a report carried out by the University of Chicago claims that just 37 per cent of us believe in God.

Seven Foot Cloaked Alien May Have Been Reptoid

MUFON Report:
reported: 2012-01-25
occurred: 2010-01-03 3:30AM
Title: "7 foot tall cloaked being, reptoid."

My friend and I were scoping out a house where ... occult practices [happened] from a fairly good distance, about 100 yards off.

There was a field nearby where cows are kept to feed on the field during the winter, and they were dead quiet.

So was everything else in the valley. Not a single sound, except for a demonic roar ...

{The sound} was multi-pitched, and came from about a hundred yards off every other minute or so.

We didn't ... care though... because we suspected we were well camouflaged and it was late enough at night to evade [it], which we had already done that night ...

We were overlooking an embankment [and were] about 15 yards apart from each other.

He was ahead of me. I was looking at him [waiting for] the go ahead to move because our presence was already known there.

He suddenly froze, then started sprinting in my direction.

Under his breath he told me to run, and run we did, for about 1.5 miles.

Along the way we could hear the multi-pitched voice call to its buddies, and they would call back, in their multi-pitched voices.

When we finally got out ... he told me what happened.

The house we were checking had company. As [he] was checking out the house, a 8.0 to 8.5 foot tall cloaked being came to the window and looked directly at him.

He said he froze [his blood] from its stare, and then saw it make a go for the door of the house. ... He said the thing wasn't human ...

We didn't speak [another] entire word on the ride back.

The feeling down there is [one of] death, and you have to accept it to face these guys.

[Then] when we got back [home] his eyes started to bleed. They bled ... the next full day.

Couldn't really find anything on the internet to collaborate this experience, but we did meet another group ... from the area that had the same exact thing happen to them, eyes bleeding and all.

I have ... evidence to believe that it was reptilian, from [all] the near abduction instances [and] from the triangles down there, and other personal witness of reptilians in the area.

Monday, December 24, 2012

UFO Filmed on Live TV - Phoenix Airzona

Oddly this UFO was filmed live by a Phoenix, Arizona TV station at Pic de Bugarach, France on Dec 21, 2012. The news clip was filmed by someone in Germany and then posted on Youtube. This is the same mountain that the doomsday believers expected UFOs to emerge from and save them from the end of the world.

UFO, live news from Arizona, Dec 21, 2012

UFO Flies at Low Altitude Over Wind Turbines

Posters Comments
This video was filmed on 12-21-12. This UFO was witnessed by two men. One was driving the car, the was the passenger filming the wind turbines with a point and shoot camera. The original video was longer and had to be edited down to get to the UFO incident. The men speaking in the video want to remain anonymous.

UFO Flying close to wind turbines, two witness both wish to stay anonymous. 

UFO Photos Taken From Jet Departing Hong Kong, Video

Posters Comments
Reported: December 14th 2012
Vague Time of Event: "Last Week"
Flight from Hong Kong to Kunming City, Southwest China
Witness Description: "Many passengers saw it and took pictures. Maybe aliens fly here to pick up earth man."

China UFO follows Airplane from Hong Kong to Kunming City
An unnamed passenger has passed on a photograph of what appears to be a UFO stalking a plane. The picture is taken from the window of a commercial passenger jet.

The disc-shaped object was captured on a flight from Hong Kong to southwest China's Kunming City last week.

Comments continued
A friend of the anonymous passenger, Larry Siu, says the picture was passed on to him and was taken by a friend, who he refused to name.

No details of the exact day or which flight the passengers were on has come to light, yet...

Were you a passenger on this flight or on the ground, at the time of this flight and also witnessed this UFO stalking the jet?

Clear Daytime UFO Video Over Mons Belgium

This video was recently posted and it getting a ton of views and some very positive reviews. Personally because it is only 16 seconds and the camera does not line up with the movement of the object I would have to call this one computer graphics. That said many are saying it is the real thing so.........judge for yourself. 

Poster Comments
December 19 around 14:00 this strange dark spot appeared in the sky Montois! And suddenly, a flash and then nothing!

UFO Sighting over Mons Belgium Dec 20, 2012 

Secrets of the Pyramids - Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens - Secrets of the Pyramids
History Channel, Season 5 Episode 1

For thousands of years, pyramids were the largest structures on Earth. The best known were constructed in Egypt and Central America, but others have been found all around the world, including in China, Africa and Indonesia. But what purpose did the pyramids serve? Researchers explore strange similarities between all pyramids, as well as the geographic, strategic and otherworldly connections between these mysterious monumental structures.

Ancient Aliens, Alien Technology, Pyramids

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Men In Black-Russian UFO/Alien Documentary

Men in Black - Russia

Russian Documentary With English Subtitle-Full Version

Russian UFO/Alien Documentary, Alien Life, Technology, UFO, Military

Multiple UFO Sightings Over Vietnam

This article was published in the Vietnam Net Bridge, Dec 22, 2012.

VietNamNet Bridge – Unidentified flying objects UFOs, the mystery for the human being so far, were believed to turn up in Vietnam many times.

The UFO in Thanh Hoa

More and more people in Vietnam have stated that they could 
clearly see UFOs in the sky and could take pictures of the craft which they believe came from other planets.

Most recently, an UFO appeared on the sky in the central province of Thanh Hoa. A picture showing a strange flying object was made public. The photographer was Le Khac Dat, 19, who lives in Hoang Ha Commune of Hoang Hoa district.

Dat said the picture was taken at about 5 pm of December 9, 2012. Dat did not discover any strange thing when he took picture. However, later, when he reviewed the photograph, he discovered an unfamiliar subject on the picture.

The original picture that Dat took has stirred up the public. Local people thought that this was really an UFO from another planet, who came to learn more about human beings. Meanwhile, others believed that Dat used his Photoshop skills to fabricate the story about UFO. However, the people, who saw the original picture, said they could not find any signs showing that the boy made some changes to the picture.

People still have doubts about the phenomenon. The problem is that the UFO can be seen only on Dat’s picture, while no other person saw any flying object on the sky at that moment.

Strange light over HCM City 

On July 26, 2011, a 26 second video clip showing a bright light that moved slowly and then faded out suddenly over HCM City was posted on YouTube. A lot of people believed that this was an UFO. The author of the clip said he recorded the images at about 12am of July 25, at an apartment block in district 3 in HCM City.

The video clip then raised people’s curiosity, who tried to analyze it to find out if these were “artificial images.” However, the author of the clip said he himself was not sure if this was an UFO.

A photogenic UFO over capital city

At 5 pm of October 28, 2010, Nguyen Xuan Vu in Hanoi recorded the images of a flying object which  of light on the sky. It looked like a burning object flying from the outer space through the earth’s atmosphere.

However, Nguyen Duc Phuong from the Vietnam Astronomical Universe Society said in local newspapers that this was a civilian airplane.

The UFO in Dong Nai in 1991

A blogger has affirmed that an UFO once appeared in 1991 in a small village in Thong Nhat district of Dong Nai province. The blogger affirmed that on a day of the 1991’s summer, he saw a column of red fire rising above a tree tens of years old just for several seconds before it disappeared.

Scientists have not given any explanation about the UFO in Dong Nai province. There has been no proof to say that this is an “artificial” UFO. The flying object appeared in a quiet and remote area, where material facilities are very poor, and it is nearly impossible to find fuel to create such a big column of fire, like the one created from a spaceship that is leaving the launching pad.

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