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UFO Sighting, Loch Raven Incident, Close Observation Case, Govt Cover up

Loch Raven Dam Incident

The Loch Raven Reservoir Watershed, just miles north of Baltimore City, is one of the most strikingly beautiful locales in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Entering the watershed and leaving the bustle of the city behind is a welcome event for many area sports and recreation enthusiasts. The reservoir does much more than provide water for millions of people; it provides a picaresque escape from the stressors of city life. It also provided a startling and still unexplained event in the lives of Phil Small and Al Cohen. 

Simulation of sighting
Boating  facility less then 1 mile from sighting

Egg Shaped Object in the sky
Phillip Small and Alvin Cohen were driving in their car near the Lock Raven Dam in Baltimore, Maryland, on October 26, 1958. Approaching the bridge, they were stunned to see a UFO in the form of an egg-shaped object. The UFO was hovering about 100-150 feet over the top of the bridge.

Fascinated by what they were seeing, they immediately slowed down their vehicle. They quietly crept to within 75 feet of the bridge. Their electrical system failed. Later, the two men described the failure as just like cutting the key off. They tried to restart the vehicle but were unsuccessful.
UFO Observed 30-45 Seconds:

Car Engine Fails
The ghostly appearance of the UFO and their engine failure had such an effect on the men that they exited their vehicle and got behind the car. They felt safer out of what might be prying eyes coming from the UFO. After only about 45 seconds or so, the UFO emitted a white, flashing light which was accompanied by a sound like thunder. The two witnesses felt heat on their faces.

Policemen Called to Scene
Strangely, the edges of the UFO now seemed undefined as it began to rise up into the sky. The object brightened as it gained altitude, and was completely out of sight within 5-10 seconds. Now able to start their vehicle, they raced to the nearest phone booth, and called the Ground Observor Corp, the call was met with ridicule. The men then called the Towson police department. They sent two policemen to the dam area.

Burning Sensation on Skin: Men go to St. Joe's Hospital
Noticing a sunburn-like appearance on their skin, the officers had the two go to the local hospital for treatment. They were released later that night. The Towson police, not knowing how to handle the report, requested that Andrew Air Force Base investigation the sighting.

Follow-Up Investigation:
After both of the men began to feel better, they would relate additional details of the case to authorities. They estimated their distance from the glowing UFO at about 3/4 of a mile. They also said that there were no unusual atmospheric anomalies at the time of the sighting, and the skies were clear that night.

Project Blue Book Statement:
The Air Force, in turn, gave the case to Project Blue Book for investigation. 
Blue Book conducted a thorough investigation. Meteorological indication had the weather as having cloud cover with a ceiling of 20 miles with no thunderstorms in the area, eliminating the possibility of ball lightening.

Possible Radiation Exposure
The National Investigational Committee for Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) was involved in the investigation and took magnetic readings of the bridge in question. They determined that the top of the bridge had a slight magnetic field which may indicate exposure to a radioactive blast. 

The Project Blue Book and NICAP files are incomplete but they seem to indicate that there were several individuals who came forward once Small and Cohen’s story came out that reported seeing similar or the same object from other locales at the same time. Most of these individuals had not filed a report until after the story went public for fear of ridicule and being called “crazy”.

Dull Explosion Heard, Addition Witnesses
One of these individuals was also a student of astronomy and was well versed on aerial phenomenon. Others reported hearing the dull explosion that accompanied the object’s accent into the sky but not seeing the object itself. 

Two other people who seemed to have seen the same object was Robert Hargraves and John Lomax. Hargraves was a manager of a local restaurant and was driving Lomax, one his employees, home when they both saw what they described as a glowing light hovering over a field. Very quickly, the object “disintegrated”. This event, however, took place the following night at around the same time and in a different part of the Loch Raven Dam area. Was this the same object that Small and Cohen saw? The description is so similar that many have felt this to be the same craft. 

Case Remains Important Close Observation Case
Because of the multiple, independent witnesses in this case, the Loch Raven Dam UFO has become an important close observation of a UFO. Project Blue Book and NICAP files have marked this incident as unexplained.
UFO Sighting, Famous Loch Raven Incident, Close Observation Case
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