Sunday, December 4, 2011

UFO Sighting, The Gosford Incident, Multiple Witness, UFO News, Video

The Gosford Incident

I have listed this UFO case on the Most Credible UFO Case Page but thought it warranted a bit more in the way of an explanation.

This short video details a fascinating Australian UFO case. Known as the Gosford incident, its multiple witnesses included professionals, police officers, and dozens of other reliable individuals. The witnesses related almost identical accounts of an object hovering over a lake,  sucking up, then ejecting water. 

Historically, the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia has been a major hotspot for UFO sightings and reports. The book 'The Gosford Files' details the 1995-96 flap where police officers are mentioned in several cases, in particular one incident where the local police were chasing a strange flying metallic craft back and forth across the bay all night. As residents called to report that they were woken by a thunderous roar and blinding lights, animals howled, cowered and hid. The case remains a mystery today but there is little doubt that the sightings were real and credible people had an extraordinary experience. 
UFO Sighting, The Gosford Incident, Multiple Witness, UFO News, Video, alien technology, aliens
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