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UFO Lifts Car Off Highway, Bizarre UFO Case in Australia, The Knowles Family Case

UFO COVER UP: Car Lifted Then Dropped In Australia

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The Mundrabilla incident of the 1980's received much media publicity. The Knowles described how the UFO shot over their car and lifted it off the road. Their voices changed in pitch, the family dog in the car went crazy, and the car started shaking. The news media described the incident as a 'UFO attack' and reported that the car was covered by strange dust.

UFO Terrorizes Australian Family

This is the only case suggestive of the sucking up of a vehicle by a UFO without it being a hoax. A little before sunrise on January 21, 1988 the Knowles family was driving along the Eyre Highway in southern Australia. After making a swerve so as to avoid colliding with a first UFO which was in position above the highway the Knowles passed a car over which was flying a second UFO.

Return To View The Unknown Object Was Not A Wise Decision

The son, who was driving, decided to turn around and to begin a chase. Having caught up again with the vehicle, still with the UFO flying above it, he realised that this UFO was now flying in his direction, with the result that he turned round again and accelerated away. The Knowles were now travelling at more than 100 miles per hour in their attempt to escape from the UFO.

Escape Attempt Proves Futile

The UFO caught up with them and came down hard on top of the car with a dull thud. One can reasonably think that the UFO was exerting at that moment a magnetic field of sufficient intensity to magnetise the roof of the car and stick to it. Inside the vehicle the passengers seemed to be speaking in slow motion and one of the three sons had the impression that his brain was being removed from his head.

Efforts To Leave Highway Unsuccessful

The driver tried to leave the road but the steering seemed to be jammed, as if the UFO was forcing the magnetised vehicle to continue in a straight line. It was then that the car rose up before falling back down heavily.

Car Tire Becomes Casualty

The rear tire on the right hand side burst on impact with the asphalt. The driver then regained control of the steering and succeeded in stabilising the vehicle and bringing it to a standstill. There were no victims in this incident.

Family Member Actually Touches UFO

Faye Knowles had the time to lower her window and look at this shining white light, yellow at the centre, and to touch the underside, which felt like a hot sponge. After these events, a bump remained behind on the roof of the car.

Strange Dust Residue Undergoes Analysis 

Analysis of the dust found there showed the presence of oxygen, carbon, calcium, silicon, potassium, and perhaps also of astate, a radioactive element of synthetic origin. The witnesses, who did not maintain their anonymity, were broadly ridiculed by the Australian media.


Unfortunately none of this is conclusive. There were other UFO reports in the same area at the same time, which tends to imply that something unusual occurred. The only conclusion we can safely come to though, is that something happened, and that the family witnessed an unusual light and were extremely frightened by its effects. All we have is an interesting story, and still no clear idea of exactly what happened.
UFO Lifts Car Off Highway, Bizarre UFO Case in Australia, The Knowles Family UFO Case
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