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UFO Disclosure, German Court Asked to Disclose Secret ET, Alien and UFO Files

Berlin court hearing demands release of secret German UFO report

Berlin Photos
The Ishtar Gate Outside the Court in Berlin
Berlin/ Germany - On December 1, 2011, the administrative court of the city of Berlin is running a hearing on a man's claim against the German government to release secret information on UFOs and Aliens and in special the release of an official report compiled by the "scientific research service of the German parliament" on demand of members of the German parliament on the question on the government's knowledge and studies about UFOs. So far the German government refuses to publish this paper.

German admin court
Claimant Mr. Frank R. refers his request to the German freedom of information act (Informationsfreiheitsgesetz , IFG) and demands the release of the paper that the German federal government is still holding back. This report is known to exist and represents a compilation done by the "scientific research service of the German parliament" on information about the "search for extraterrestrial life and the realization of the UN-Resolution A/33/426 about the observation of unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrial life". (Note: Together with A/DEC/32/424, A/DEC/33/426 was adopted decision by the United Nations 

General Assembly in 1978 which called for the "establishment of an agency or a department of the United Nations for undertaking, co-ordinating and disseminating the results of research into unidentified flying objects and related phenomena".)

So far the German parliament, the Deutsche Bundestag in Berlin, denies access to and the publication of this report with the argument that "the IFG (German freedom of information act) only applies to the parliament as long as it administers public administration duties", as quoted by the administrative court of Berlin that continues quoting the German parliament: "The specific area on administrating of parliamentary duties should be excluded from access to information. This includes amongst other things the legwork of the scientific research services to the delegates. Furthermore protection of the intellectual property rights (a kind of the German version of Copyright) applies also for the work of the scientific research service of the German parliament."

As part of the worldwide Disclosure and Exopolitic-movement, the "German Exopolitic Initiative" ( is pursuing the release of reportedly secret knowledge and information by governments, military and intelligence services. In an interview with the German online newsmagazine on the paranormal and edge science "Grenzwissenschaft-Aktuell" ( the coordinator of Exopolitc Germany, Robert Fleischer, commented on the fact that the Bundestag is withholding the paper, even while facing a court hearing, as follows: "The refusal of the German parliament to publish the report is even more strange and questionable as you can find and download nearly all other such reports, compiled by the 'scientific research service of the 
German parliament' when it comes to a whole range of other topics, at the website of the service fact that the release and publication of such an report dealing with questions about UFOs and extraterrestrial life is not only denied but also fought at court with reference to the protection of the intellectual property rights, does not really make sense – or does it?"

In fact: What is known about the conclusion of the secret paper is the fact that also the scientific research service of the German parliament this the very same and claims is is "more than likely that also official German authorities and Departments dealt with this questions".

Since many decades German UFO-researchers tried to find out if the German government is conduction investigation into UFOs and keeping records of it somewhere. While many members of the military as well as private pilots (most prominently the former chief pilot of the German airline "Lufthansa") publicly confirmed their very own first hand observations and experiences with unidentified flying objects, all official enquiries for example to the German Department of Defense (Bundesverteidigungsministerium) were replied with statements denying any official German interest or knowledge about UFOs at all. 

However, such an alleged lack of interest does not make any sense at all, as other NATO members, partner countries and states, such as the United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy and France (only to name a few...) have already gone public with their former UFO-files that were collected and investigated for several decades. According to Fleischer, it is impossible that Germany as one of the leading European countries, had and has no interest in a matter of national security, that got and gets investigated by so many of his neighbors and NATO-partners."
UFO Disclosure, German Court Asked to Disclose ET, Alien and UFO Files


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