Monday, December 12, 2011

UFO, Bizarre Morphing Cloud with UFO in Background, Aliens, ET, Video

Very Strange Morphing Cloud with UFO in the Background

This is one of the strangest videos that I have ever encountered and I believe you will feel the same after watching it. It may not be authentic but if it is Computer Graphic Imagery (CGI) or a hoax then someone has gone to a lot of trouble and for what purpose. You will see in the upper right hand corner at the 20 second mark some type of UFO. 

I found this on  Project Avalon Forum  and the OP put the comment below regarding the translation.

I had a Palestinian friend translate the Arabic. Here's what she said:

Yes the man is in a dessert area and the cloud starts to fall. He's amazed that this is happening and keeps saying "god is one" . He mentions "you might believe me or you might not.." Also when he had the other guy take the phone and capture him , he was saying how he can reach through it. When he comes back to tape he says this is one of life's world wonders.

UFO, Bizarre morphing cloud with UFO in Background, Aliens, ET, Video
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