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Record Number of Alien and UFO Sightings 2011 Somerset, UK

Alien And UFO Sightings In Somerset Reported In 'Record Numbers' (VIDEO SLIDESHOW)

"Record numbers" of aliens and UFO sightings have been reported in the mystical county of Somerset, after a Freedom of Information request by theSomerset Gazette showed 27 calls have been made in the past five years.

Calls such as the one made on 23 August 2011: "Caller is stuck in hospital with aliens and Charlie Kray" have a hoax quality about them, but other reports have undoubtedly been made in good faith.

Somerset has a history of other-worldly activity, with witchyWookey Hole and prehistoric Cheddar Gorgeprompting extraterrestrial speculation.

However the calls made to police concerning UFO sightings in Somerset show a more in-depth portrait. Genuine UFO sightings have to be wheedled from what police described as "calls for help." During August 2009 calls recorded by police show a series of disturbing reports:

16 August 2009: "Caller advised they are the recognised son of God on this earth and on alien planets"

17 August 2009: "Caller advised they have powers to rule the world and govern religion and aliens"

And a more imaginative report on 5 April 2010 "Caller reporting UFOs in front room. Their dog has drawn pictures on the window and saints are looking through the window"

There have been no UFO sightings in Somerset during the winter months, when the sky is much darker. Somerset UFO's hit the headlines in 2009 when a cylindrical object spotted above Brean caravan park sparked fierce debate online.

Chief Inspector Rowland told the Somerset Gazette: "Sadly, there are a number of people who think it is amusing to ring the emergency services and make a hoax call.

"In making these calls there is a risk that they stop genuine callers who are in distress and require our help from reaching us.

"We are also very aware that some of the calls that may seem bizarre mask an underlying need from the caller.
"Our staff are trained to deal with this sensitively and to provide any necessary support.
"This Christmas I would urge people to think about the call handlers who will be working through the festive season to help keep the people of Avon and Somerset safe. Please only call 999 in a genuine emergency and remember to use our 101 non-emergency number for all other calls to us."
Take a look below to see two of the most recent UFO reports.

UFO Reports, Record Number of Alien and UFO Sightings 2011 Somerset, UK

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