Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Proof of UFO Cover Up, Proof of Aliens, UFOs in Wartime, Mack Maloney

New Book by Mack Maloney Claims UFOs Real, Government Cover-up

NEW YORK, Dec. 2011 --  -- A new book claims proof that UFOs are real, that the U.S. military knows it and has been covering up the facts for more than 50 years."UFOs in Wartime: What They Didn't Want You To Know," examines 70 incidents of military encounters with UFOs from 1909 to 1998. In the majority of these encounters, the witnesses were U.S. Air Force and Navy pilots in the midst of combat. Many UFO debunkers, as well as the U.S. military, claim that UFO sightings are almost always misidentified aerial phenomena or the result of hoaxes.But the book's author contends highly-trained combat pilots would recognize aerial phenomena when they see it, and they would not perpetrate a hoax while in the middle of battle. 

"Many of these sightings were reported by pilots who were fighting for their lives," says the book's author, Mack Maloney. "Why would anyone in that position make up a story about a 'flying saucer'?" The book also claims UFO sightings spike in times of war. "The military is aware that UFO reports go up dramatically in wartime, and they've been trying to cover up this fact for years as well," Maloney says. "Why these spikes happen is a question for the scientific community. But they do happen."Maloney, who interviewed UFO researchers and members of the U.S. military and intelligence communities for the book, took three years to compile his research. He says the results prove the U.S. government knows more about UFOs than it's letting on.

"In 1948, the Air Force's own investigators concluded UFOs were real," Maloney says. "But the Pentagon immediately ordered them to rewrite their conclusions. A few months later, these same investigators began to debunk all UFO sightings. That's when the cover-up started, and it still exists today."Maloney is the author of 30 military novels, including the popular "Wingman" and "Pirate Hunters" series. Published by Berkley Books, "UFOs in Wartime" is his first nonfiction book in 20 years. It can be purchased at or at bookstores everywhere. "Our military personnel are the best witnesses we have when it comes to sightings of unidentified flying objects," Maloney concludes. "Trained pilots, soldiers and sailors make very astute observers. And since World War I, hundreds, or maybe even thousands of these people have seen UFOs." 

If you would like to read a few chapters of this intriguing book follow this link
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