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Most Controversial UFO Photos (15), Part II, Aliens, ETs, UFO Sightings

Top 15 most controversial UFO photos Part 2 of 2,  
Photos 8-15 

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 Over Coast Guard Facility, 1952

Twenty-one-year-old guardsman Shell Alpert took this photo from the window of a U.S. Coast Guard laboratory in Salem, Massachusetts, on July 16, 1952. The US Air Force's Project Blue Book at first speculated that it was "probably" nothing more than street lamp reflections on the window, though many people—including a power-company work team and other soldiers who also witnessed the four bright egg-shaped lights—disagreed. Later, Project Blue Book reclassified the phenomenon as "unexplained." 

UFO over a Movie Theater in Zimbabwe 1953 

This seemingly ectoplasmic UFO was photographed by Barney Wayne in 1953 in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). It has been posited that many 1950s UFO sightings were due to a hysterical public, primed by the large number of popular alien-themed Hollywood films gracing silver screens at the time—The Day The Earth Stood StillThe Flying Saucer and Invaders From Mars among them. No official explanation has ever been given for this particular image and it remains unexplained.

Mulltiple Witnesses, 1957

In November, 1957, this unnamed young man was one of several people who witnessed a UFO. His hand-drawn illustration, detailing what he encountered, is a prime example of the limitations of Ufology before the era of  digital cameras. Technology has been a boon to UFO documentation, but also has its disadvantages. Almost anyone can now use a computer to 'enhance' (computer generated imagery) CGI a digital image of an alien craft.  

Craft or Meteor, Copenhagen 1975

This dramatic UFO photo was taken near a meatpacking plant in Copenhagen, Denmark, in May, 1975. It is unknown whether the object is some type of craft or meteor. 

Kaikoura Lights, New Zealand 1978

New Zealand was inundated by UFO sightings in the late 1970s, the most notorious of which was the "Kaikoura Lights." They were spotted by the crew of a Safe Air cargo plane, hundreds of witnesses on the ground and even a film crew. Then on December 30, 1978, they were tracked by New Zealand Air Traffic Control. The most popular explanation offered by debunkers is that the lights were simply reflected off of a trolling squid boat, a theory roundly rejected by witnesses. 

Glowing Sphere, NZ 1979 Resembles Tether UFOs

In 1979, near New Zealand's Clarence River, this glowing sphere was tracked by the crew of a passing aircraft. Though many theories have been offered for the object's presence—a meteor, a natural event in the ionosphere, the planet Venus—none has satisfactory explained the image. It should be noted that this image strongly resembles the "tether UFO" filmed by NASA. For a link  Click Here.

UFO Detection or Clouded Perception?

In September of 1979, a passenger on a Sicilian locomotive photographed this large, hovering UFO through the train's window. It is not known if the photographer's memory was simply 'clouded' by the stunning fall sky—or one too many Limoncellos—but he reported that the craft was soon gone with the wind.

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There certainly are many controversial UFO pictures, if you feel there are others that should be included please send a link. 

Most Controversial UFO Photos (15), Part II Aliens, ETs, UFO Sightings
Click here for a link to Part I
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