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Most Controversial UFO Photos (15), Aliens, ETs, UFO Sightings

Top 15 most controversial UFO Photos

This is a two part series, 15 photos in all, 7 today and 8 additional photos will be published in part 2 tomorrow. These are "arguably" some of the top controversial UFO photos of all time. There certainly are many others that could make the list and if you have  photos please send them and the list will be revised to include additional pictures. These photos are alleged to be real so hoax pictures will not make the list. 

Controversial 1932 Photo

 George Sutton's posing for a photograph in 1932, the St. Paris, Ohio, gentleman was the victim of an errant UFO ruining his otherwise quietly dignified portrait. An undisputed fact: The photo was snapped in the summer of 1932 and was never explained to anyone's satisfaction. 

Screenshot From Mexican Fighter Jet

This screen shot shows several bright UFOs, taken from video recorded by a Mexican Air Force crew in March, 2004, over the coastal state of Campeche. One Air Force crew member, understandably distressed to encounter such a bizarre sight, contacted ground control and shouted, "We are not alone!" To this day the photos and the sighting  have ever been adequately explained.

Undated file photo's studied by Stanford University

These undated file photos, depicting purported UFOs, are part of an ever-growing library of visual evidence. A panel of scientists, including Stanford University physicist Peter Sturrock, concluded in June, 1998, that "it may be valuable to carefully evaluate UFO reports to extract information about unusual phenomena currently unknown to science." Believers in UFO/alien visitations include NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell, General Douglas MacArthur, Mikhail Gorbachev and former U.S. Presidents Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy.  

NASA High Resolution Images

These high-resolution images released by NASA in 2007 show moons of the planet Saturn with distinct saucer shapes, when seen from some angles, making them easily mistaken for alien craft. Therefore, if one were observing these moons through a personal high-powered telescope, and forgot they were, in fact, using a telescope and so imagined these moons were nearby, it would be quite easy to mistake them for flying saucers visiting the Earth. 

Jersey Shore Mystery

In 1952, near Passoria, New Jersey, this saucer-shaped object was photographed by an unknown person. Saucer-shaped alien vehicles were in vogue after Kenneth Arnold first reported one on June 24, 1947. He said he'd spotted a flying 'saucer-like' or 'pie-plate-like' metallic object. Saucer shapes are now out of style, with flying cigar-shaped and triangular craft taking the lead in modern UFO sightings. 

Polite Alien Leaves Footprint

John F. Reeves is shown in this March, 1965, photo pointing to the footprints made by an alien he claimed to have met. Unlike the public perception of "contactees" as wild-eyed lunatics, Reeves was uniformly described as a simple, honest man. Even the skeptical local sheriff found Reeves to be "normal and sincere." According to Reeves's testimony, the alien had good manners. When Reeves, trying to flee, tripped over a bush and lost his glasses, the space traveler kindly handed them back to him. 

The First Sensational UFO Picture

Reportedly the "first sensational picture of flying saucers," this photo was taken in Dublin, Ireland, in March, 1950. The newspaper article that accompanied it speculated about alien H-bombs that could be programmed to fall on any prearranged target. A cold war that crossed more than borders.

Most Controversial UFO Photos 15, Aliens, ETs, UFO Sightings
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