Monday, December 5, 2011

Area 51, The Human Cost, Obama Continue the Blackouts, Expansion Underway

Area 51, The Human Cost Continues

Scales of Justice out of Balance on Area 51
But all the research at Area 51, whether alien or human, has created frightening side effects. In 1994, several civilian employees filed a federal lawsuit claiming toxic poisoning from their work at Area 51. The suit claimed that exotic chemicals and rocket fuel were burned in open pits. After several allegations of premature deaths, the families took action. In response, the Pentagon again denied the existence of Area 51.

In a classic example of government double-talk, military lawyers claimed the deceased employees could not possibly have inhaled “non-existent” fumes from “non-existent” disposal sites at a “non-existent” air-force base. President Bill Clinton then issued a Presidential Declaration, exempting what it called "The Air Force's Operating Location Near Groom Lake, Nevada" from environmental disclosure laws. Soon after, the judge dismissed the suit due to lack of evidence.

The families appealed all the way the U.S. Supreme Court, but the court refused to hear the case. Barack Obama has annually issued determinations continuing the so-called “Groom Exception.” This, and similarly tacit wording used in other government communications, is the only formal recognition the U.S. government has ever given that a facility near Groom Lake exists at all.

Area 51 will continue to be a source of rumors, plots, scenarios and yes, conspiracy theories. But evidence is mounting that there is something very mysterious going on out there. 

Currently, the base is expanding. Huge new hangars are being built, along with gigantic excavations, presumed to be for underground facilities. The public will never be told what its dollars are buying. Once again, we have to rely on the government’s assurance that it knows what’s best for you and me.

Area 51, The Human Cost, Obama Continue the Blackouts,  Expansion Underway, Government Cover Up, Roswell

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