Monday, December 19, 2011

Ancient Aliens, Baalbek Defies Logic, History, Modern Technology, Video, UFOs

Baalbek, Lebanon Ruins that date to 7000 B.C. Known as "The Landing Place"

Baalbek (Arabic: بعلبك‎) is a town in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon, altitude 1,170 metres (3,840 ft), situated east of the Litani River. It is famous for its exquisitely detailed yet monumentally scaled temple ruins of the Roman period, when Baalbek, then known as Heliopolis, was one of the largest sanctuaries in the Empire. It is Lebanon’s greatest Roman treasure, and it can be counted among the wonders of the ancient world, containing some of the largest and best preserved Roman ruins.What is even more astonishing are the remains of the ancient city below Heliopolis, Baalbek.

When you look at the photo below it is really hard to process that it was cut, shaped and moved more then 9000 years ago. This is almost inconceivable, if not impossible. We do not have the ability to accomplish this in 2011, at least not all in one piece and certainly not at an altitude of almost 4000 feet. There can only be so many explanations, they had access to knowledge that has not been pass down or rediscovered, they had tools of unimaginable capabilities or they had help. Given the fact that all the ancient texts refer to the site as "the landing place" the most logical explanation is that they either had help or knowledge from extraterrestrials.

The history of settlement in the area of Baalbek dates back about 9000 years, with almost continual settlement of the "tell" under the Temple of Jupiter, which was probably a temple since the pre-Hellenistic era.

Whether you believe in UFOs, alien life or for that matter the premise of ancient aliens Baalbek defies logic, it defies modern technology and it certainly defies the history that we have been taught all our lives.

Ancient Aliens, Baalbek Defies Logic, History, Modern Technology, Video, UFOs
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