Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Aliens, ET Are They Real, Yes but Probably Different Than We Think

Extraterrestrial do not exist in forms we know about

Cosmologist and astrophysicist Lord Martin Rees made an intriguing remark that extraterrestrials could exist in forms human cannot conceive. Rees, who is also the president of Britain’s Royal Society and astronomer to the Queen of England, said that aliens could exist beyond the capacity of human understanding to know. He added that extraterrestrials may be just in front of us and we do not know their existence. He noted that most of us are assuming that intelligent life could be like or somewhat similar to humans.

Question was asked during “The Detection of Extra-terrestrial Life and the Consequences for Science and Society” conference whether alien discovery would be an advantage or disadvantage to humanity. Founder of Drake’s Equation and SETI Frank Drake told during the conference that TV and radio signals transmission was cut by satellite TV and the digital revolution into space making humanity invisible to aliens. Drake said that earth is recently encircled by a 50 light year-wide shell of radiation from radar, radio and TV transmissions. He added that digital TV signals would appear like white noise to a race of observing aliens.

However, until now there is no concrete and absolute evidence on the existence of alien life, it may mean one of the three famous prepositions.

First, humans are the first intelligent being to live who are capable of leaving the inhabited planet and make their presence known to other creatures.

Second, advance civilizations existed ahead of humans and for some unknown reason they existed and/or expanded that are impossible to detect even in our most advance technology.
Third, they have been existed but they end up killing each other which prevented their expansion beyond a small area.

Aliens, ET Are They Real, Yes but Probably Different Than We Think


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