Sunday, November 27, 2011

UFO Sighting 2011, UFO Passes by Chinese Space Station, Video, Nov 2011

UFO flys past Chinese Space Station on November 13, 2011, stops and goes back the same way

The Chinese do not seem as worried as NASA when it comes to the inevitable UFOs that have been visible around the US Space Program for years. The Video below is from Chinese National TV. This is pretty clear evidence that UFOs are monitoring man's activities in space. This footage only came out a day or two ago, it is always amazing how the western media simply ignores this sort of activity. 

There is no doubt that UFOs are real and they seem to be keenly interested in man's progress in space. 

Quite frankly I had no idea that the Chinese had progressed so far with their space station. It is of no surprise that the Chinese have said UFOs are visiting earth and most are probes sent by intelligent life in the universe.
UFO, UFO Sighting 2011, Chinese Space Station, Alien Life
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