Monday, November 28, 2011

UFO Sighting 2011, Strange UFO Sighting Florida Nov 26, UFO Video

Very Strange Video of UFO Shot in the Panhandle of Florida Nov 26

This is certainly a different type of sighting than what is normally seen. Now that CGI (Computer Graphics Imagery) has moved out of the studio's and into the mainstream it is close to impossible to tell what is real or not. If its intriguing or believed to be real it will get posted. This is certainly intriguing. 

Witness: This video was shot at 9.45 pm Nov. 26, 2011 along a wooden section of 1-10N in the panhandle of Florida just North of Panama City. When I saw the craft, I jumped out of my truck and began shooting video. This thing fried my camera, but the memory was fine.

This object was flying low to the ground and was glowing a strange way. Then shot straight up into the sky

(No Audio)
 Strange UFO Sighting Florida Nov 26, UFO Video, UFO Sighting 2011
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