Friday, November 18, 2011

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MUFON to get a Reality TV Series

The Mutual UFO Network soon to be in the spotlight again. There has been much interest in MUFON recently from Hollywood Publicists, Cable Networks and Television Producers. It seems the Mutual UFO Network is finally getting the recognition it rightly deserves. The "Media Phone" at MUFON Headquarters has been buzzing these days with requests from publicists and producers looking to MUFON for expert testimony and UFO case information. 

Since MUFON has set the standard for UFO investigations and scientific study, the media now relies on MUFON for the latest ufo reports and results of MUFON's ongoing investigations. Our On-Line UFO Report Form and Computerized Case Management System has become the repository for the Earth's true X-FILES! 

With the recent documented increase in UFO sightings and witness reports, MUFON is once again in the spotlight and there are Cable Networks who are currently seeking MUFON's help in producing entertaining and informative programs to fill the need of their viewers who wish to know the truth about scientific UFO investigating. 

That being said, MUFON is proud to announce that we are currently casting for a new reality series television show based on MUFON and the efforts of our most dedicated certified ufo field investigators. The public at large want's to know the results of our investigations and the Cable Networks are realizing the importance of following MUFON sanctioned ufo case investigations. 

MUFON will take your report and investigate your sighting if it is warranted

 UFO sighting reports continue to increase as MUFON increases it's ongoing public campaign of "Keeping Your Eyes On The Sky." With the increased awareness in MUFON there's been an associated increase in MUFON's member base. More and more interested citizens are joining MUFON in order to keep up to date on the state of ufo investigations in the U.S. and around the globe. And increasing numbers of MUFON members have joined the ranks to become MUFON Certified UFO Field Investigators. 

These tireless volunteers are the backbone of MUFON's investigative network and soon the "best of the best" will be featured on an all new network television program. These brave men and women have multiple ufo case investigations under their belts and they bring to MUFON their previous and current experience from employment in law enforcement, private investigations, military, the sciences and many other disciplines. 

The results of these investigations are published in MUFON's monthly Journal, and soon there will be a new television program that follows MUFON Certified Investigators as they investigate witness reports of ufo sightings and will present to the masses the results of these investigations. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting new opportunity for MUFON. And if you are MUFON's next up-and-coming ufo investigator, talk to your State Director about the opportunity of being featured in an upcoming show. 

The Reason MUFON Exists! Recent MUFON Appointments: The MUFON Board of Directors has recently appointed Pennsylvania State Director John Ventre as MUFON's Director of New Membership. And California Assistant State Director Jan Harzan has been appointed to the post of MUFON's Director of Fundraising. These two volunteers are dedicated to MUFON's Mission of the "Scientific Study of UFOs for the Benefit of Humanity." MUFON 2619 11th Street Road Greeley, Colorado 80634
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