Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Moon. Extraterrestrial Contactee Say the Moon Has an Atmosphere,

ET Contactee Says Moon Has Vegetation and an Atmosphere

Alex Collier, a self-described Ethical Extraterrestrial contactee suggests that the part of the Moon not visible to Earth is therefore with vegetation. Mr. Collier also indicates that the Moon contains water and an atmosphere.

“Our Moon has an atmosphere that in many respects similar to that of the Earth. In many large craters on the visible and the invisible hand, the atmosphere is denser than sea level on Earth, it is claimed. Our Moon has a small exit to the North Pole and the crust is thinner in some places. It is only 33 miles thick in places and other 53 kilometre”.

Mr. Collier also describes “huge underground facilities [that] contain large lakes, plant life of Earth, food warehouses and hangars for space ships with alien written texts on the walls in the portals.”

Ingo Swann also supports Mr. Collier’s allegations. In his book,Penetration, Swann claims that he viewed various structures on the surface and observed extraterrestrials near them who were able to breath unaided, thereby suggesting an atmosphere on the moon.

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