Monday, November 28, 2011

Internet Access About to be Controlled, Government Cover up, Video

Do not let governments take control of the internet 

SOPA, (Stop Online Piracy Act), is another one of those bills that sounds like it's going to do something mildly positive but, in reality, has serious potential to negatively change the internet as we know it.

The US Govt is about to place controls on the Internet,
this will  quickly  spread around the globe.

PROTECT IP Act Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

I think this is a serious issue that everyone should begin to pay attention to, the U.S. government is very close to implementing some controls on the internet. The reasons they are giving for taking this action are copyright infringement, emergency management and a host of other false reasons.

There are only two reasons that governments wants to control the internet, in regions such as The Middle East it is a matter of control. They really do not want social media putting out information about government brutality, murder or any other form of illegal behavior. The only way they can put a lid on this behavior is to black out all TV, Radio and internet transmissions. When you think about it, if a government has nothing to hide they would not even consider this type of news black out.

In the case of the United States, Western Europe it may eventually be about control and blacking out news but at the present time it is all about money. These countries have been salivating at the internet as a source of revenue that they have not been able to get their hands on. They all have a serious addiction to spending and cutting back it way too hard so the other option it is to increase revenue wherever they can. 

You must understand that once a government implements even the smallest amount of control over the internet the influence only gains a foothold and grows over time. This is why SOPA is so dangerous. It is time for people to pay attention, everyone needs to tell the governments of the world that the internet does not belong to any person, corporation or government and they have no right to put in place any controls whatsoever. 

Internet Access About to be Controlled, Government Cover up, Video
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