Friday, November 25, 2011

First Day of South Africa UFO Conference a Success, Johannesburg Nov 2011

South Africa's First UFO conference underway

Curious Minds being indulged in Jo'burg
Conference attendees to South Africa’s first Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) conference taking place in Johannesburg this weekend said it will fill a niche that has been empty way too long.

The conference began on Friday morning and attracted keen enthusiast as well as those casually interested to engage in topics that they have not heard openly discussed in South Africa in a conference setting. 

Delegates included those that have seen UFOs and others that have seen what can best be described as extraterrestrials. Some attended to find out if there was any chance of UFO disclosure, many feel that there has been a truth embargo in place (particularly by the U.S. govt) for more than sixty years. 

By all accounts the conference had a very professional atmosphere and those in attendance agreed that this conference was a long time in the making. South Africa has more then its fair share of curious minds and people who have encountered strange anomalies over the years.

The UFO conference began with a fascinating talk about bio-mimicry, that mysterious merger of nature and technology.

This was quickly followed by a presentation on energy orbs and strange half-man half-animal beings from the fifth dimension.

However, that was still mild compared to what some of the presenters have set out to prove.

Meanwhile, the conference will run until Sunday and is a feast for anyone with a curious mind that wants to be inspired, indulged or otherwise get answers that you won't find in the media.

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