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Bruce Cathie on Harmonic Code, UFOs, Anti-Gravity, Aliens, Video

Bruce Cathie on Harmonic Code, UFOs, Nuclear Detonations, Anti-Gravity 

Excerpt from Bruce Cathie book
My life changed dramatically in 1952. This was the year that I saw my first UFO. The object was hovering over the Manukau Harbour, Auckland City, New Zealand, in the early evening twilight, and carried out manoeuvres that no known man-made vehicle could accomplish at that time. The thing, whatever it was, had an intensely brilliant white light, with a smaller glowing red light some distance from it, and for about twenty minutes held myself and other witnesses spellbound as it went through a series of right-angle turns, then disappeared straight up into a clear evening sky.
Bruce Cathie
A very easy prediction to make is that one day everyone will be curious who Bruce Cathie is. If you are not aware of Bruce Cathie don't be concerned, most people even those that study the UFO phenomena don't know who he is and even the few that do don't really understand what he is all about. There are really only a handful of people that understand the Harmonic Code and I do not profess to being one that fully comprehends Bruce's theories.  While Bruce was and airline pilot, he is more of a mathematician. He downed play his level of expertise but make no mistake about it Bruce was clearly before his time.  

Bruce Cathie (born 1930) is a retired New Zealand airline pilot who has written seven books related to flying saucers and a "World energy grid".

His central thesis is that the laws of mathematics describe a grid-like pattern on the earth that powers flying saucers and controls the dates and places where nuclear bombs can function He claims to have successfully predicted the detonation time of an early French nuclear test using his harmonic "mathematics", which is based around trigonometry and geophysical latitude/longitude coordinates.

His discoveries are in the same vein of research as Einstein's "unified field theory", where gravity, time and space and their relation therein can all be expressed in one equation. It is said that the US military attempted on more than one occasion to silence him using bribes in the millions.

One of the things that Bruce always said and it makes complete sense but seems to be overlooked by everyone is that gravity is not a constant but in our belief systems it is certainly a constant. In space gravity runs the spectrum from next to nothing to being many more times that of earth. 

Cathie first saw a flying saucer over the Manukau Harbour. Auckland in 1952 and in discussions with other airline pilots discovered this wasn't uncommon.

His first book Harmonic 33, published in New Zealand in 1968 and reprinted in the United Kingdom by Sphere in 1980

New Zealand millennial author Barry Smith claimed to have received his information on restrictions on nuclear weapons from Cathie.

An interview with him was played in the fourth episode of the fourth series of the US television program In Search of...........
Never before seen interview with UFO/Antigravity Expert Bruce L. Cathie. Not included on the Harmonic Code DVD.

Bruce Cathie on Harmonic Code, UFOs, Anti-Gravity, Aliens, Video
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