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The Best Place To Report a UFO Sighting, How to Report a UFO, Alien Sighting

So You Have Had  A UFO Sighting, What Next? Well, it all depends on what you want to do! 

A. Do you want to report it?
B. Do you want someone to investigate it?
C. Do you want to share and discuss it with like minded people?
D. Do you want to tell the world about it, (i.e. YouTube, Vimeo etc)?
E. Do you want to know if others have seen the same sighting?

A. So you want to report it through official channels. 
The government will no longer take your report so don't bother to go down this road. You can report it to the police in your local area and they will probably take a report and do nothing with it. If a UFO has landed, you have seen aliens (go ahead have a chuckle) or if it has done some harm or damage to something or someone by all means call the police right away.

There are two private organizations that will take your report.  

Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has been around the longest. This is also the only one that will investigate your sighting providing it is compelling, (more on that below)
Mutual UFO Network, (MUFON) Home Page Click Here
MUFON, Report A UFO Sighting Page Click Here

The second organization is the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC). They will take your report but they will not investigate. 
National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) Home Page Click Here
NUFORC, Report A UFO Page Click Here

There are many websites that will take your report, sit on it for a period of time and then they will do a post (usually once a month) putting your report out with a bunch of other sightings to their readers. If this is all you want to do then by all means go for it, but just be forewarned that this should be considered entertainment for the website readers only. The statistics do not go into any national database nor are they archived (except on that website). 
The benefits of going through the two websites above are they they will catalog sightings by country, by state, by type. They will be able to see if there is a trend developing, they will report their statistics to the media and usually this information will make headlines around the world. 

B. So you want someone to investigate it. 
Then MUFON would be the people to talk to, just a few pieces of information before you call or email them. MUFON will only investigate a handful of sightings. If you can answer yes to at least one or more of the following questions then get in touch.
1. Do you have great video or still pictures, not just a distant light in the sky?
2. Were there multiple witnesses?
3. Was it a low altitude sighting,  could you make out some good detail?
4. Did a UFO make a landing?
5. Did you see or encounter alien(s)? OK, you if you must, go ahead and giggle! 
6. Is there something that makes your sighting very unique?

C. So you want to share or discuss your sighting with others that are interested or have had sighting of their own? Well then, consider a forum. 
There are countless forums in any number of languages. Some are small and intimate and some are absolutely huge. All forums have their own personalities. Some are very accepting of new members that have just had sightings and others will castigate you in a heartbeat. For my money there are three forums that I would consider. (For a full list of forums see the link below, number 4).
1. Above Top Secret (ATS) Click Here, if a big forum is for you then give this one a try. They have their own documentaries and some pretty decent discussion. Usually up to date material and many topics to choose from. Some members can be difficult but they would be the exception not the rule. 
2. Project Avalon, Click Here, Avalon is a good size forum, with a very friendly intelligent group. For the most part very welcoming of new members and very open to anything you want to post.  Just keep it intelligent, honest, friendly and you will be just fine.
3. UFO Casebook, Click Here, Casebook is a large reasonably well mannered forum. My only word of advice is to stay away from any sort of religious discussion, they have a  small group of members/guests that will attack you no matter what your position is on any aspect of religion. This is a shame because otherwise UFO Casebook has some great members that provide intelligent discussion. 
4. There are many other forums, for a Worldwide list of forums, Click Here.

D. So you want to tell the world about your sighting. You were lucky enough to get  several still pictures or some great video, what now? Post it on YouTube or other video networks. 
There are definitely some do's and don'ts if you want to be taken seriously. Follow these guidelines and you will be just fine, click here.

E. So you want to know if someone else saw the same UFO that you did, or you want to know if anyone has seen something similar. 
Well this is the benefit to reporting your sighting to NUFORC and MUFON, They keep up to date (mostly up to date) records and you can check this info at the following links.
NUFORC Database, Click Here.
MUFON Datebase. Click Here

Good luck with your search for the truth, when you do have a UFO sighting keep in mind there is no harm reporting it to your favorite website and one of the national organizations mentioned above. 
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