Saturday, October 22, 2011

UFOs, Sometimes the Truth comes from Unexpected Sources, UFO Video, Alien Creatures

Disney puts out the unvarnished truth about UFOs and Aliens.

This 1995 documentary was put out by Disney and test shown in five US cities across the country. The exercise was to measure audience response to simply telling the truth about UFOs, instead of all the usual false stories such as weather balloons, Chinese Lanterns etc. It starts off with Michael Eisner saying "the idea of creatures from another planet might not be as far fetched as we once thought". It goes on to say that "there is a shocking history of government misinformation designed to prevent widespread panic." That certainly is a refreshing change from the information (or lack of info) that normally goes along with UFO films.

This documentary has surfaced from time to time but it has been removed from public view and it has only resurfaced on the internet once again. If you have not seen it, you will enjoy the honesty about a topic that has been hidden from the public for decades.
Like many things in life the truth does not always come from where you expect, sometimes it comes from the most unexpected places!

UFO Video Documentary 2011 - Disney
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