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Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) can't handle the volume of calls, they suggest you use their

At first it was amusing, people were asking is it our Barbeque, maybe it is our fountains, could it possibly be to visit the American Jazz Museum or the Worlds of Fun Amusement Park. Who really knows, but we do know that UFOs have been spotted and reported in record numbers and there does not seem to be any let up! October reports are off the charts!

At this stage the amusement has worn off and it has left people asking what exactly is going on. Missouri normally receives 7-10 UFO reports per month, since August there have more then 9o UFO reports filed. What makes this even more startling is that it is well accepted that only about 5-10 percent of those that see something that might be judged a UFO file a report.

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Missouri announced October 7, 2011, that some of the objects reported earlier this month were identified as known aircraft - while other cases remain under investigation. The area has been flooded with UFO reports - more than 80 - as part of an intense two-day witness reporting frenzy on October 4 and 5.

Missouri MUFON volunteer investigators request that witnesses file sighting reports at instead of calling the Missouri office because they have become overwhelmed with calls. An investigator will contact all witnesses as soon as possible. All contact information is 

When the dust finally settles this will be one for the records books. Researchers, ufologist and those that are just casually interested will be talking about this for a long time. This site had a story last week asking for your help naming this unusual event.  You can read that story by clicking here. 

Below are UFO sighting reports that start in Jan 2011 and run through October  2011. At the bottom of this post are links to the latest sightings, some are stories that have run in the local papers, some are video from local news coverage and others have sketches from various witnesses. As you will see from the reports and links below 2011 started off like any normal year (if that can be said in the UFO world) and by August, September sightings began to escalate at a rather rapid pace.

UFOs Spotted Over Kansas City, MO - Oct. 4 - 6th, 2011

Many Metro Residents were asking about the strange lights reported and captured on video this week. Are these visitors from another planet, are they military craft, what exactly are they? Those are the questions that some metro residents are asking after strange lights were reported in the skies over Kansas City this week. The lights were captured on cell phone video shot on Monday night near Van Brunt and 47th Street in Kansas City. According to the Mutual UFO Network, people have reported bright, shooting lights and hovering craft in the skies across the area on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night. There appear to be many more questions then answers! 

There are many reports of lights and crafts that do not exhibit normal behavior. "One might think they are helicopters but they have no wings and rotars". These are not described as helicopters," said Margie Kay, assistant state director for MUFON. Kay says that MUFON has contacted area airports, and has found that some of the 82 reported sightings could be explained as stunt planes. But she says that quite a few of the reports are still unexplained."

"We do have other reports of very large craft hovering in different areas, and that's quite unusual because normal airplanes do not have that behavior. 

Kansas City and the surrounding metro area have had more then their fair share of UFO sightings in 2011. Many residents wonder "what exactly is going on"?

These reports are exactly as they were filed with MUFON, spelling and grammar have not been changed. 
First Event in 2011 - Jan 25, 2011
Large black craft zooms over downtown KC then shoots north

I was headed west towards Kansas City at dusk when I noticed a large black object in the sky (it would take a quarter to cover it at arm's length) approximately 2,000 feet above the downtown area. At first I thought it was a helicopter, but it moved may times faster than a helicopter, about the same speed as fast as a fighter jet, except it did not stop at each point before moving in a different direction. It was much larger than a helicopter - about the size of the stealth bomber. I attempted to get my cell phone ready to take a picture but was driving and was unable to do it. I did not have my regular camera with me. There were a couple of other traffic helicopters in the area and this looked nothing like them. This was an oval shape but with a flat bottom and was completely black with a dull finish, and no markings, lights, tail or wings. As it moved back and forth, the shape never changed.

From my vantage point on a high hill, I could see a large area. This object flew back and forth in a ziz-zag pattern very quickly several times at super fast speed, the went back (west) and forward towards me (east), then shot north at an extremely high speed and out of sight in a second. I immediately called another field investigator who lives north of K.C. and he stopped his car and took several photographs of the sky east of his position. He saw a vapor trail at about 2,000 feet (see photo attached) but nothing else. Note: I will close this report out since I am a MUFON field investigator and it is in my area.

Event Date:2011-03-01
Red and blue lights, hovering/moving very slowly
I go outside to smoke cigarettes sometimes and last week I started noticing an object about twice but thought it was a small airplane. Tonight, it has gotten closer and more visible and it's not an airplane. It also appears to be spinning because the colors of red and/or blue rotates. It looks like a cross within a diamond the horizontal line is what changes in color. What made me first notice it was I like looking at the stars but it looks much larger than the rest so I continued looking and trying to make out what it could be. Originally, it was a star then a light atop an antenna, next an a ufo, because it's not out there every night. I have been going out to look even without smoking. I feel amazed seeing it and drawn to look, but also fearful. I haven't lost sight of's out there now just hovering with no planes in sight. What is it...really??

Event Date:2011-05-14
Multiple waves of 5 orange/low to high trajectory
Travelling S.B. on I-435 when five orange objects in Eastern sky caught my eye. I stopped to observe this phenomena, as they flew slowly, albeit radical, at about 20 degrees above horizon. As they spread and slowly began to disappear into the clouds above (low celing), a larger and brighter orange object at a faster speed, about 1-2 degrees above the horizon, behind the treeline, and then as it started to ascend, split into five smaller orange objects, again radical in flight, without formation, and slowly ascended into the clould cover. This occurred about 20 times over a 25 minute span. They all came from the North (low on horizon) to South and then turning toward the East and then into cloud cover.

At one time, I observed over 15 in the sky at one time. At approx 9:58 PM, the largest ball at a faster speed flew, split into 5 smaller objects, they followed the same path as the previous objects, and then the event seemed to stop. There were other vehicles on the shoulder of the highway observing this event. I got one persons name and phone, and the next day he related that he talked to another individual who also saw this phenomenon. Once they all rose above the treeline, I would approximate their speed at approx. that of a helicopter. but the jerky motion didn't make sense, and the coloration from a side view made no sense, as the sun had been down for over an hour and the low altitude above the eastern horizon would pretty much rule out solar reflection. I would guess that over the period that I observed these objects, there were approximately 125 of them. I do not do drugs/drink/or subject to illusions. I am observant, logical, and well educated. This happened, it was unexplainable, and a bit spooky. AS this event lasted so long, with so many objects, I would presume that radar somewhere would have picked this up. If possible, I would like an explanation from some tower or authority trying to explain this to me. The initial speed of these objects at low altitude seemd to be about 100-120 KPH, but during ascent appeared to slow to around 60-80KPH. The wind was about 15 knots, which Might contribute to some of the uneveness of flight, but probably not.

Event Date:2011-06-18
Big disc shaped, bright blue lights spinning in a circular motion, with a white light in the center
Me and my kids and my nieces were up tonight because we are having a bad thunderstorm, so we decided to look out my patio windows and look at the lightning, what we seen astounded us, we have never seen this ever... Well hovering down the street above some houses, behind some trees what a huge disc shaped object with bright spinning blue lights, it shot out like 3 or 4 bright beams of light, then the blue lights went out then reappeared bright blue spinning lights again, then all of a sudden it zipped up, and shot out another bright beam of light when it disappeared... A few minutes later we were all freaking out with what we just saw, so we were glued to the window to see where it went if it would pop up again, and it did, briefly above the complex in front of us, then disappeared again..since then we haven't seen it... 

But we want to know if anyone else witnessed this where we live. We are really afraid. When we first seen it we thought immediatly it was a ufo, it was hovering low to the ground, it was not a plane or helicoptor or nothing of that, we were having a really bad storm and neither one of those can hover and sit and fly that low, and shoot out beams and have large bright blue spinning lights. We are confused, afraid, want to know what it was and is, why it was there, what it was doing..we are terrified. Unfortunatly we didn't capture any photos, we were glued to the windows to even run for the camera.

Event Date:
Orangish Orb chased by helicopter over Kansas City, Mo.
A group of us (14 people) were visiting the Kansas City area and had just visited the Liberty Memorial near Downtown Kansas City at night to see the views of the city. As we were leaving and walking down long entrance to the memorial we noticed two lights at approximately 2000 feet of altitude coming from due south of the Liberty Memorial headed to the north. As the two ?lights? came closer to us I said to one of my friends,?hey look at the helicopters flying in formation?. The entire group began looking at the ?helicopters?. As the two approached we could see that they were different. One was no doubt a helicopter. It was easily identifiable. It was also now apparent that the helicopter was chasing or engaging the other object in what looked to be an inquisitive posture. It really looked like the helicopter was trying to figure out what the heck this thing was. My description of this ?craft? would be Orangish/Yellowish/Goldish? also like a small sun?.. or for lack of a better word, orb. If I had to narrow it down to one color it would be orangish?. It was obviously spherical in shape. The colors were not from multiple lights, but more like entire craft was glowing. 

It had no blinking lights like normal aircraft. The only sound that could be heard was from the helicopter.(single helicopter blade sounds) As they reach the air space just above our heads the helicopter appeared to swing around to get a better look. The object changed directions slightly to the Northwest and the helicopter seemed to back off quickly, then continued to trail the object. At approximately a mile from our location it appeared the helicopter backed off more and a plane (with blinking lights) appeared to flyby. At this point the object seemed to speed up and leave the area at a much quicker speed. I?m 48 years old and I can honestly say I have no clue what this ?craft? could have been, I have never seen anything that would even come close to this craft in appearance. It was obviously controlled and it had obviously gained the attention of what appeared to be a Police helicopter. I could upload a image, but it is only lines of color. I had been taking long exposure images of the monument (night/dark photography)and turned to snap a shot and still had the camera set at several second exposure time.. It does however show the change of direction and small dounble line for the helicopter. (front light and tail light)

Event Date:2011-08-06
Very large disc UFO over Kansas City, Missouri in daylight
As called into ASD at 12:46 pm today by the witness who wishes to remain anonymous. He would not provide contact information due to his job in KC government. "My wife and I were getting in the car on our way to lunch today when my neighbor pointed to the sky to our north and said "Look at that!" We looked in that direction and all three of us saw a large gray metallic disc-shaped object with low dome on it. It was hoovering at first, then started moving slowly in a north direction. It disappeared for a couple of seconds, then reappeared further away. We saw no lights or windows and heard absolutely no sound. 

There was a small private airplane in the area and he must have seen this object because he flew right over the spot where it was as it moved away! I don't know what the altitude was but I'd guess 1,000 - 2,000 feet - it was pretty low. My best guess for the size of the thing is 3 - 5 miles across! None of us could believe what we saw. This is the first time my wife and I have seen a UFO and we are stunned. We decided to call someone but don't want any publicity or anyone else to know who we are. My job is too sensitive and I can't risk putting my name out there. I called to see if anyone else saw this - someone else must have seen it! We watched it for about three minutes total time, then lost sight of it behind the trees

Event Date:2011-08-08 
There were no wings!
I was sitting on my back porch alone, facing East. My husband was nearby and saw the object when it was well past our neighborhood but he could still see it and agree that it was not moving like a plane would. From afar, the lights appeared more erratic. I have been watching the skies closely for about 10 days since having seen the glowing orbs from afar. Every night I have been outside around 10-11pm and have mostly seen star like objects that move, pulsate in color lights (mostly red to blue to white). They have always been very far away and I have not seen anything so close during my recent sky watches as I have tonight. The object came from the NNW and traveled SE. It came into my view after it cleared the neighbors tree. It was at the level of a low plane. The light was very bright and at first I took it as an airplane but it was not so. It appeared to have windows (?) where I saw only white light. I did not see any wings attached. 

I detected no sound as I watched it pass over the downtown Crossroads Arts District and toward Liberty Memorial. I was excited to see what I believe is a true UFO, at a safe distance. I have been wondering if maybe if they know I am watching them and for a moment I looked down and refused to look at it. I guess I am frightened by them but also fascinated and so I can't help myself with looking. There were 3 tail lights (?)in the rear and the light flashes alternated at a steady pace. There was a low cloud, patchy cloud that it flew into and that was the last time I saw it. My husband watched saw it for about 30 seconds, analyzing it's pattern. Anyhow, after we thought it was gone and all was done...we saw a red light flash that reflected into the clouds that the object entered. We both saw 3 streaks of red light on the clouds. Weird. My husband said that the object was most definatley gone after that.

Event Date:2011-08-09 
Hockey Puck like object with five bright lights over Kansas City
As reported to ASD by phone today by the witness who wishes to remain anonymous: "I was driving to pick up a late dinner at Gates Barbeque on 40 Highway in Independence, Missouri when I noticed a strange black or dark color object in the sky to the West of me headed in a Southeast to Northwest direction. It looked like the shape of a hockey puck with a slightly raised top and bottom. It had five very bright round white lights on the side of it, and that is what really caught my eye since you don't normally see planes or helicopters with lights like that. The lights did not pulsate or move. The object moved along the same flight path the entire time I watched it while driving to Gates, but once I got to my destination the trees blocked my view and I could no longer see it. The object was at 50-60 degrees up from the horizon and it would take 1/3 or more of a thumb to cover it up. There was no sound or emissions, and it moved at about the same rate of speed as a commercial aircraft would, except it was flying pretty low-- lower than commercial aircraft fly around here. The airports are not close to this area so we don't see low-flying aircraft except for the occasional helicopter. I just thought this was really odd and decided to call someone to tell them about it. I'm sending a drawing."

Event Date:2011-08-13
A solid orb moved across the night sky at a fast pace then changed direction and ascended.
My friend and I were sitting on the front porch of his house around 5 am In North Kansas City Missouri and we noticed a bright light moving across the sky right over our heads. It was a solid orb and did not flutter or blink like a plane or a star, It looked like Jupiter in the night sky. I live by the MCI Airport in Kansas City and see planes every day. The object was traveling much faster then a commercial plane. It proceeded to move across the sky and behind some clouds. It then appeared behind the clouds and changed direction ascending in to the night sky until we lost track of it. We both knew this was not an ordinary Airplane and came to the conclusion that it must be some sort of anti gravity ship, either Gov or Alien.

Event Date:2011-08-19
One large ufo emits beam ejecting five small UFO's
While driving South on highway 169 we saw one large UFO, at first glance it seemed like a huge falling star or fire ball moving very slowly towards earth. Then it stopped and hovered in mid-air, then rose a couple feet. The large UFO emitted a beam from underneath and five smaller lights ejected out the bottom,then they began to circle around the larger UFO in a circle formation while heading downward twords earth in an eastern direction.

Event Date:

Orange fireball over highway
As reported by phone to ASD: I was traveling North on 635 Highway north of Kansas City, Missouri at 11:30 pm after finishing a job when I noticed an orange fireball object East of my position above the tree line and moving towards me. The object was moving at a slow rate of speed. I pulled over to the side of the road in order to get a better look at it and was upset that I did not have a camera or video camera with me. It moved slowly overhead and towards the west - towards Kansas. It went out of sight again at the tree line. It was the size of my thumb at arm's length. The object was an orange color and pulsated. I did not hear any sound as it went over. A plane came over at approximately the same height moments later and I could hear it clearly. I've never seen anything like this and wonder if anyone else saw this object.

Event Date:2011-10-04

Large Bright Object Flying Slowly and Very Low Near Raytown MO
On Oct 3, at about 7:50 p.m. we were driving on 40 Highway west heading towards Noland Road to return to our home near Raytown. As we headed west on 40 Highway we saw off in the distance a rather large object with many lights. It was moving very slowly and we wondered what it was but didn't think much about it at the time since we only saw it for a short time. Then, the next evening, we were going out for an evening walk since the weather was so beautiful on October 4th around 8:00 p.m and saw the same object again. As we exited the house (we live up high on a bluff between Raytown and Lee's Summit, MO) we noticed unusually bright lights in the sky and I said that I wondered what that was since it was moving extremely slow and looked very large. Then all of a sudden, it appeared to separate so then I thought it was three separate planes but just as fast as it separated it went back together as one and headed northeast. I wonder now if it looked like it separate but in fact had just turned vertically. We continued to wonder what it was but went on with our walk as it continued across the horizon. When we got about 3 blocks from the house, we again observed the large brightly lit object in the sky and as we walked it moved very slowly and seemed to hover at times. The lights would change sometimes being horizontal and other times being vertical, sometimes solid and other times blinking. When we got to a cul-de-sac which sits on a bluff, we stood in someone's driveway and watched the object in amazement. It was off on the horizon and appeared to be over the Raytown area. At one point it appeard to make a 180 degree turn and go the other way. The lights appeared to triangular in shape when it would turn a certain way. When it was the nearest to us we commented that it was making no sound. My friend commented that maybe it was some kind of blimp since there was no sound. As we were standing there, the person whose driveway we were standing in came home and we pointed the object out to them. The guy jokingly said it was a UFO and we laughed and agreed. As we started to walk we heard some noise and then saw a helicopter but the object had disappeared. We ran into some other neighors who said they had seen it while they were walking in the parking lot of the Teetering Rocks Golf Course. We all agreed it was like nothing we had ever seen but had no idea what we had seen. After reading all these other sightings, I decided I would report what we saw. It was never as close to us as others have reported but our description would be very similar to the others that have been reported.
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