Sunday, October 9, 2011

UFOs, Aliens, Our Denial of The Truth is Astonishing, Video

Perhaps their adamant denial of truth is the most amazing concept of all.

Michael Cain
Guest Write, Educating Humanity
Oct 9, 2011

Something truly amazing is happening right before our eyes. World wide more and more people are reporting sightings of UFO’S, new energies are being discovered and revealed to those who seek after such knowledge and in some sectors of science, old paradigms are crumbling in the wake of new understandings of just which tail wags the universe.
With the overwhelming evidence on UFO’s and their interaction with humanity the only question remaining for me is why does disbelief still abound. As though belief were the criterion for acceptance in the face of evidence. After all there are many verities in life; stubborn little facts that refuse to be quantified and pigeon holed into the existing paradigms of today’s religion, politics (such as it is), or some contrived moral ethic that forbids the acceptance of life from other worlds.

Is it really necessary that a “flying saucer” land on the white house lawn to accept the fact of it’s existence, when our own eyes and good sense tell us they are out there? Where has the confidence in our own judgment gone? So an uncomfortable question remains. Why in the face of mind boggling evidence’s are there still those who look up at the night sky and say, ‘no way do little green guys exist anywhere.’ Perhaps they are looking for some kind of permission from those in authority to believe what so many have already accepted as fact. Or maybe denial of the obvious for many is simply a modality of practice, a kind of mind-set that no matter what anyone says, the earth is after all is still flat.


I don’t know what causes such apathy towards the most stunning revelation ever received by mankind, that of intelligence’s from other worlds are knocking on our doors and probably have been for thousands of years. Have the methods of informational containment used by the governments of the world really been that effective? Not anymore, not with the ever growing numbers of peoples of all cultures coming forward, and the advent of the world wide web, and maybe the most recognizable deconstruction of old secrets is the UFO’s themselves. So where does this leave us with the diminishing numbers of the apathetic few who look up and don’t wonder. Perhaps their adamant denial of truth is the most amazing concept of all.

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