Sunday, October 30, 2011

UFO Technology Finally Being Revealed, Videos

 UFO Technology slowly coming into focus

There is no doubt that everything in life revolves around mathematical equations. In the classical sense most of us have a pretty good understanding of the basics, but what we are only attempting to figure out is quantum theory or quantum physics. What makes this so hard for virtually everyone to understand is that the mathematical formulations of quantum mechanics are abstract. 
Most abstract formations and formulas can only be understood by those that can really grasp the abstract and those people are few and far between. The idea of a parallel universe or multiveres is something that is hard to grasp and hard to visualize. 
In the meantime CERN and the University of Southern California are attempting to break particles down below the electron, neutron, proton and quark level. They are searching for what some call the "God Particle" which would be the smallest building blocks of life. These breakthroughs when they come will change our thinking beyond belief, many speak of Ascension to a higher dimension or to a different realm. Access to these dimensions lies in understanding of quantum physics.  

On the other hand there have been people who understood the practical sense of quantum physics. These people are legend and they have yet to share their discoveries with mankind. I think when we get to the bottom of quantum mathematics we will finally understand how the pyramids were built.

Nikola Tesla
Ed Leedskanin
Ed Leedskanin who built Coral Castle (see video) was someone who clearly understand how how to manipulate and harness the magnetic energy of the earth and the atmosphere. There is no doubt that Nikola Tesla understood quantum physics. There will be others in our life time, from the scientific community that will be eager to share their findings with the world. When that information presents itself, we will get a handle on why UFOs move the way they do, we will understand the different realms or dimensions of the universe. The term uni, implies one will become obsolete because we will then participate in the multiverse, the greater community. This will be the start of Ascension for mankind, mans greater understanding of man is the starting point to understanding life! 
The Realities of Life in the multiverse Marshall Summers
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