Sunday, October 2, 2011

UFO Disclosure has begun, How Do We Know, Video

How do we know if disclosure has begun! 

First off, how do we really know that disclosure has started. It is easy to see but some people have a hard time connecting the dots. 

In 1992 Dr. Steven Greer started the Disclosure Project, mainstream media coverage mostly centered around conferences held in Washington DC in 2001 and again in 2010. More then 400 government workers,  government contractors, military, political figures and police gave testimony of their first hand UFO experiences and some with direct alien contact.

In 1999 Mazlan Othman was first appointed as Director of The United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA). To garner headlines and to let it sink in that disclosure is imminent she was reappointed as the Director of UNOOSA in 2007 with much media coverage and much hype. An entirely showcased event, she was already the director of UNOOSA so what was the purpose. 

Not to be left out of the conversation and to provide a platform for the UN's "new" Director of Outer Space Affairs the RS (Royal Society) starts to show some life on aliens and UFOs. They start hosting meetings and a few of the topics are:

  • The detection of extra-terrestrial life and the consequences for science and society
  • Predicting what extra-terrestrials will be like: and preparing for the worst
  • The implications of the discovery of extra-terrestrial life for religion
  • Fear, pandemonium, equanimity and delight: human responses to extra-terrestrial life.
The topics above, I simply cut out of one of the RS meeting agenda's and pasted them here, the list containing ET topics could have taken up several pages. The RS went so far over the top on the ET issue that it was actually funny but it did serve a purpose. 

The Vatican is playing a leading role preparing the world for extraterrestrial disclosure. On Nov 11, 2009 The Vatican held its first conference on astrobiology, this was the first time we heard them speak of an extraterrestrial presence. 
There are few things that are sure bets in this life and one of them is that The Vatican would never have come out and told the world that they believe extraterrestrial are real without emphatic proof, without advance knowledge that disclosure is imminent. After all the Vatican still does not allow contraception nor do they allow woman to be priest. The point is, historically, the Vatican does not move fast on any issues! So, why in the world would the Vatican move so swiftly acknowledging the extraterrestrial presence. The answer is easy, without the Vatican on board it would be close to impossible to accomplish any form of disclosure. 

The Vatican is by far the biggest and most complicated piece of this equation, it is difficult for many people around the globe to acknowledge that man is not the only intelligent life in the Universe, this arrogant, childish need to be the most important attitude has been spoon feed to man forever. It has been taught in our schools and perpetuated by NASA and our governments for years. Now they have to undo what  they have done so well and that is a difficult nut to crack but they have started with a vengeance. 
Monsignor Corrado Balducci, a theologian member of the Vatican Curia, the governing body, and highly placed Vatican official who is close to the Pope has been on Italian Television no less then five times stating that etraterrestrial contact is a real phenomena.

Without getting into too much personal information, I was raised as a devout
 Catholic so watching this video and listening to its content is amazing and astonishing.  The Catholic Church is back pedaling and changing their long held position at lightening speed!  What this man is saying, keep in mind he is speaking on behalf of the Pope, is simply mind boggling!  

Surprisingly the mainstream media starts paying attention. They still have some stories, when they make fun of ET;  They start the conversation with "little green men" but for the most part those days are gone, they have slowly started to report in earnest!

Countries start to open their UFO files, they don't give much but the point is they are starting. We have yet to see a smoking gun file but you can be sure that we will and when that happens you can expect to see real disclosure shortly thereafter. Somewhere around 25 countries have started some form of partial disclosure. Regardless of what the media says not one country has fully disclosed yet. My suspicion is that when the smoking gun file appears it will be most likely from South America. We have one key step that must be completed before a smoking gun file is trotted out to the public and that is the discovery of microbial life in space.

The next step that we can expect is NASA and other groups of respected scientist to announce that they have found microbial life in space. We have already been advised that the building blocks of DNA have been discovered on meteors, so the ground work has already been laid. The mainstream media will have a field day with this information. It will dominate the news for some time and create intense debate. The religious aspect of this debate will be heated and at times difficult but given the fact that the Vatican has already advised us that the alien presence is real it will die down to a simmer. We can expect to be informed about microbial life in space most likely within the next twelve months. It will take about a year or less for this to sink in and then we can expect some form of limited disclosure that will begin to change our world and our lives. 

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