Saturday, October 15, 2011

UFO, Aliens, Hollywood and Aliens Have a Long History! What we Should Expect When we Meet ET

When Extraterrestrial come will it be anything like Hollywood has portrayed.

From Hollywood's perspective the story of mankind’s history with “aliens” is not a particularly encouraging one. Species are decimated, indigenous peoples enslaved, the strong force their will on the weak: it’s not a pretty sight, for the most part. Which are all themes that have been dealt with in a number of speculative fictional accounts of man’s first encounter with the ultimate other: alien species.

Hollywood provides us with entertainment and the type that sells is not cerebral aliens that have a peaceful agenda. Lately some people, most notably Steven Hawking have said that we should not be calling attention to ourselves because the ultimate outcome could be loss of our resources, our planet and our freedom.

There are few things that we can be certain of, if aliens wanted to reveal themselves they do not need permission to do so, if aliens are capable of the technology that many people believe they possess then they could have taken over earth a long time ago. The point being just keep Hollywood in perspective, they have an agenda to sell tickets, make money and entertain the masses. For the most part they do it reasonably well but lack of creativity on this topic is sometimes astonishing. See it for what it is!

Even with all of the cultural conceptions that we’ve grown over the decades about aliens and what they represent to us, it’s unlikely that our attempts to grasp the concept of other species are likely to be reflective of what will actually happen when the spaceships finally come for us: all too often, our fiction imposes human viewpoints on alien species, often painting them as conquerers or explorers or benevolent scientists. I’m not so sure that our first encounters with aliens might not be a confrontation with entirely new modes of thinking and alien consciousnesses that might not be entirely comprehensible by mankind. 

Is Hollywood part of the growing suspicion that there will be a false flag event to put weapons in space, that is a subject for another post! 
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