Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kansas, Missouri Continue Increase in UFO Sightings, Oct 2011, UFO Video

Missouri and Kansas continue to be UFO Hotspot - Oct 5, 2011

Multiple reports are coming in from Lee's Point Missouri, several eye witnessess claim that they saw only UFOs but one reports states that there was a military helicopter near one of the UFOs. These lights have yet to be fully explained.

MUFON Report

US-10052011-0023Submitted Date:2011-10-05 16:51 GMT
Event Date:2011-10-04 00:00 GMTStatus:AssignedCity:Lee's SummitRegion:
500 feet or lessDescription:

Report taken by Assistant State Director today: "I was driving North on
Woods Chapel Road in Lee's Summit while heading home from work and
saw people stopped and looking up. I stopped at a stop sign and saw a
huge craft with multiple green, white, and blue circlular shaped lights on
the bottom of it come directly over my head. The lights were all on the
bottom in a triangular shape. The size was enormous. To give you an
idea for the size - it filled up the entire windshield of my car. It was
moving very slowly in a North direction towards the small Lee's Summit
airport. That airport is too small for large planes to land. I see planes in
the area all the time but this was not normal. A co-worker of mine saw it too.
It was flying very low. At first we thought it was a large plane, but it did not
look like a plane at all. After it turned towards the airport, it slowed for
one minute, then contineud North, which was left of our position, and it
went out of sight. I am sending a drawing to the investigator."

UFO Video, Missouri Oct 5, 2011

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