Sunday, October 9, 2011

Grant Cameron on Disclosure, Radio Interview

After Years of Searching, Answers are Emerging

Grant Cameron has been looking for answers since his own dramatic sighting in 1975. After years of searching through documents in Presidential libraries, he only recently gave up. “You would think that they’d never heard of UFOs” he says.

This week, he sent me an untitled work in progress. The paper examines the genesis of the Area 51 story and concludes that the reason for the so-called “leaks” from the secret base in the early 1990s was that a group in the U.S. intelligence community was trying to get the truth of alien contact and ET technology into the public discussion. By selectively releasing stories ranging from nearly benign to totally paranoid, Cameron thinks that there is a plan to both frighten and desensitize the public so that when the reality of an alien presence is revealed, the dominant emotion will be relief that the wildest rumors were only that.

Grant and I have been in contact for many years, and have communicated with many of the same government people. During the program, we debated many of the finer points of evidence for government knowledge of the UFO subject. He has concluded that, based on the public statements of current and former intel personnel, that the U.S. Government is dealing with a non-human race which has arrived on Earth in “nuts and bolts” craft. I am not quite ready to make that leap, and I hope that our back-and-forth over the course of the show is enlightening. It was for me, even though I remain unconvinced of anything, especially when it involves the statements of spies and others tasked with keeping national secrets. A fun and lively interview. ~Greg Bishop

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