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Clandestine Disclosure - Free Energy - Flying Saucers and UFOs

Ralph Ring
Ralph Ring is a brilliant innovative technician who as a young man in the late 1950s and early 1960s worked closely with Otis T. Carr. With the aid of his small team, Carr, who was himself a protégé of the great inventor Nikola Tesla, built a number of flying disks, which worked.... prior to their experimentation being forcibly terminated by government agents.
In a dramatic experiment, Ring co-piloted a 45 foot disk a distance of ten miles, arriving at their destination instantaneously. Ring, now aged 71, tells his captivating personal story.

Today, regular people all over the world are working diligently to bring 'flying saucers' and free-energy to humanity. For now, these people are operating in relative secret – some more so than others. 'CLANDESTINE DISCLOSURE - The Ralph Ring Story Continues' is a docudrama in pre-production. It's the story of a US Army veteran, late 1950's naturalist, and dive equipment technician turned unwitting flying saucer test pilot for OTC, Enterprises in Hesperia, CA. It will dramatize how Ralph and Otis T. Carr's paths crossed; their unexpected poorly-received presentation with a major manufacturer; the successful test flight of a forty-five foot flying saucer; and the subsequent raid by US Troops and the FBI. OTC, Enterprises was shut down, issued a cease and desist order, and, disbanded forever. All materials and the craft were confiscated – buried - never to be seen again...that is until much later through an FOIA request.

The Otis T. Carr - X1

Over fifty years later, witnesses have surfaces and the story continues...

Following in the footsteps of Nicola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, and Otis T. Carr's team (Major Wayne Aho, Ralph Ring, Dennis Repulte, engineers, machinists, technicians, and others), a fresh group of visionaries have picked up the baton and are running with it. Will they succeed? Will humanity see free energy devices and 'impossible' flying saucers come to fruition; and if so, will 'they' literally shoot them out of the sky as was purportedly promised back in the late 1950's?

"Cease and desist your operations... We're terminating your project due to the threats it poses to the international monetary system." The best interview yet validating the fact that since the second world war we do indeed have free energy in multiple formats. Especially the lines from General Motors telling them that if they launched an antigravity vehicle "we'll shoot them down". Blatant evidence of what Eisenhower called the encroaching military industrial complex - primarily founded by the British and US after WWII when Nazi scientists were brough over and placed in multiple positions via Operation Paperclip.

This is a developing story – TODAY." I am following the flying saucer design and construction process. I am hoping this production will culminate with a successful demonstration and release of functional prototype flying saucers and free-energy devices. An opportunity to for you to get involved by helpig to finanace this docudrama is near. DVD's and Blu-Ray disks of my interviews with Ralph and Marsha and other exclusive footage will be made available shortly."
Walter M. Nowosad, Jr.

There is no doubt in our minds that Ralph Ring is 100% genuine. Everyone who has met him and heard his story in person is in full agreement. However, the events he recounts took place nearly 50 years ago and there are some engineering details which he has some understandable difficulty in recalling. It must be emphasized that almost all of the laboratory documentation pertaining to Carr's experimentation was confiscated by the US Government in 1961.
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