Sunday, October 30, 2011

Celebrity UFO Sightings on the Increase, Celebrity UFO Pictures

Victoria Beckham and Billy Ray Cyrus take UFO Pictures

There is no doubt that UFO sightings are getting more prevalent and it seems that more and more people are stepping forward to tell us about them. 2012 means many things to many different people but the one thing that you can be sure of is that UFO sightings will continue to go off the chart this coming year!

Victoria Beckham is the second celebrity in a week to Tweet a pic of a UFO sighting. Late last week, Miley Cyrus's dad, Billy Ray Cyrus claimed he had seen '5 or 6' UFOs, and tweeted a pic to 'prove' it. And now Victoria has spotted E.T. Both celebs took their pics in L.A, which leads us to presume the aliens are launching some kind of attack on Hollywood. Calling all celebrities, give up your multi-million dollar homes and evacuate the area, now. We reckon Posh's sighting looks like a helicopter or some kind of weird shadow. Or maybe she's taken Halloween decorations to the extreme and hired a space shuttle to pimp out the moon. 

Billy Ray Cyrus Shares Picture of UFO Sighting
Billy Ray Cyrus tweeted a photo of an unusual sunset the other day, accompanying it with, "My first UFO sighting. Looks like 5 or 6 disk like shapes hovering. Special moment 4 DAD."

The red-hued sky in the picture does, in fact, look strange, but where a less imaginative man may have seen oddly shaped clouds, Billy Ray went with a more otherworldly theory, or perhaps he was just being humorous. 

We can expect to see much more of these "celebrity" UFO sightings as we march through 2012! 

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