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Aliens, Search for Alien Life, Unsolved Encounters

The Search for Alien Life Is On

A Brief History of Unsolved Encounters

Portage County UFO Chase: Wikimedia Commons


On April 17, two officers of the Portage County Sheriff’s Department saw a moving oval-shaped object in the sky near Ravenna, Ohio, around 5 a.m. Joined by two other officers, they pursued the object for 85 miles until they lost sight of it near Conway, Pennsylvania. The incident inspired a similar police chase in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. After an investigation, the Air Force said the officers saw a satellite and Venus. This clashed with the officers’ reports, which said that the object was flying low in the sky and moving from side to side.

"WOW!" SIGNAL, 1977

Astronomer Jerry Ehman stumbled onto a two-minute radio signal from the Big Ear telescope at Ohio State University in which the unique code “6EQUJ5” appeared. Radio telescopes used to use alphanumeric codes to indicate signal intensity. 6EQUJ5 indicated a signal 30 times as loud as normal deep-space radiation, prompting Ehman to scribble “Wow!” in red pen in the margin. The signal has never been explained or seen again. Another mystery: It was broadcast at near 1,420 megahertz, the frequency at which hydrogen resonates and the frequency of choice, scientists think, for extraterrestrial communiqués.


In late December, Lt.-Colonel Charles Halt took a team of more than a dozen men into England's Rendlesham Forest to follow up on a report of an alien craft. In the forest, they encountered what Halt described as a floating red eye that "suddenly exploded" and began raining down light before disappearing completely. The incident is arguably the most highly documented encounter known: Team members have given corroborating accounts, signed affidavits, and have audiotapes of the encounter. The most common explanation is that the team saw the nearby Orford Ness lighthouse instead.


In a paper published on March 4, NASA scientist Richard Hoover claimed to have found fossilized microorganisms in three carbonaceous chondrite meteorites that date back more than four billion years. The discovery could strengthen the theory that life was delivered to Earth. Some scientists dispute the paper, saying that unique geology or contamination from bacteria here on Earth could explain the results, but opinion in the scientific community remains divided.

Source: PopSci
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