Saturday, October 1, 2011

Alien UFO Encounter in Hunter NY, Classic UFO Case

New York Hunter Has Close Encounter

Here is an interesting report of a landed UFO and a close encounter with alien beings. Although it occurred over 50 years ago, it has only recently been made public.  The report was sent to Billy Booth at by a MUFON State Director. He is in a favorable position, as many feel comfortable relating their experiences to him. 

The events of this incident began on an October day, in 1958, in Hunter New York. It was just before the official start of deer season, the eye witness and two of his hunting buddies were getting ready for the season by visiting Hunter. 

Hunter NY

Journey to Devil's Canyon
His friends let our witness out between Blackhead and Roundtop Mountains so he could hunt for some bobcat. At this point, he made a pile of stones as a marker to find his way back through the thick woods. He then began his journey into an area called the "Devil's Canyon. "He walked about one hundred yard toward the canyon, when he came to a clearing in the woods.  At the very edge of the clearing he was surprised to see something in the middle of the canyon ahead of him. From a distance, his first thought it was a building of some sort.He wondered to himself, "Why would anyone put a structure in the middle of nowhere?"

Flying Saucer, Aliens
Artist Likeness
Once he got a better look at the object, he was shocked to see it was a landed flying saucer. The bottom was flat, with a slight curve on the edges. The object was about 8 feet above the ground. He could see a couple of landing legs of a sort. Even though he was in awe at what he had seen,he was not prepared for what he saw next; two, very lean beings that were not from this world. They stood at one end of the UFO, and were apparently communicating with each other.

He was too far away from them to hear any of what they were saying, but from their facial expressions he could tell the conversation was quite emotionless.He also noted that the craft was producing a low hum, and had dull-colored lights spanning the middle. These lights were various colors; orange, blue, green, and more, all seeming to merge as one.He also could see a small cupola to one side of the top section. He estimated that it was 2 ft. high X 3 ft. wide. The UFO was approximately 12 ft. tall. He watched the unknown object and
two beings for about 10-15 minutes.

Third Alien Emerges
Artist Likeness
Then he heard a sound which was followed by the opening of a walkway coming directly from the center of the flying saucer. When it was fully let out, a third being walked down the ramp and directly toward the other two beings. They all began to discuss something, and the being that came down the walkway pointed directly at him.

At this point, he was terrified as one of the beings remained, but the other two begin to come to his location; one to his left, the other to his right. Just in case they accosted him, he pulled out his 8mm Mauser, and put it on 1/2 safe.

He began to back out of his hiding place, returning to a culvert on the side of the road, and hid until he was certain he was not in danger of any kind. Before long, his two buddies picked him up at the designated spot. Did he have story to tell?

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