Sunday, September 4, 2011

UFOs Leaving Volcano Aug 2011 in South America, UFO News, UFO Video

UFOs Leaving Volcano in Chile
Recent UFO Sighting - Daytime unidentified flying objects were recorded leaving volcano Parinacota mouth located on the border of Chile and Bolivia. This was taken on 21st August 2011. Report (translated from Spanish) I left the camera on a tripod filming a few minutes to make a "Time Lapse" while we were at home. At the time nobody realized what was on the film but if you check the at the 4-12 second mark and again at 20-53 seconds you will see what is there.
The film is greatly magnified at the end for easier viewing! 

So they can better appreciate it, I show the video to scale back 150% and 500% speed and then  Captured by Canon HV30 on Sunday, August 21, 2011 at the viewpoint of Lake Chungará between 1 and 2pm.
Uploaded by acuariuz on Sep 2, 2011
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