Sunday, September 4, 2011

UFO Sightings 2011 Over Kansas City, Why, UFO News

ET activity in KC skies? Maybe they want barbecue

ET activity in KC skies? Maybe they want barbecueThat, or those at the helm of all these UFOs this summer may think the new Kaufmann Center for the Performing Arts is some kind of mother ship.

What is it? Our celestial curb appeal?

Whatever, the skies over Kansas City have seen a surge in mysterious sightings and strange lights.
Some of you are thinking, sure, sure, just more swamp gas. Logical explanations usually come out the next day. There is that.

But according to the Missouri chapter of Mutual UFO Network (Mufon), witnesses reported 14 “unknown” sightings in July and August alone for Kansas City. “Unknown” means they’ve been investigated and the likely suspects — aircraft, meteors, satellites, balloons, blimps, spotlights hitting clouds, Army parachute teams — ruled out.

Some reports are pretty good — witnesses seeing the same thing, even close encounters in which an unidentified object hovered within 100 feet of witnesses.

“In one very odd case, several tourists were visiting the Liberty Memorial and watched a large golden ball of light being chased by a helicopter,” Margie Kay, assistant director for Missouri Mufon, said Friday.

“In another case in Belton, five witnesses saw a saucer-shaped craft with blue lights hover over two nearby houses.”

The latest sightings bring the year’s total for the metro area to 45 compared with 103 for all of Missouri.
A website calls Kansas City “a hotbed of UFO activity.” (
About 1 a.m. on July 2, Ben Radatz was working late at his motion graphics company in the Crossroads District when he stepped outside for a smoke. Ten or so bright lights were moving slow and low in a straight line over downtown. Radatz shot video with his phone.
“I don’t discount the possibility, but I’m not going around telling people I saw a UFO,” he said.
Skeptics’ alert: Guy who owns motion graphics company makes a video. Right.
But then there’s Dennis McNerney, who lives in the Northland. He saw the same thing, and he works in pest control. He was driving across the river into downtown about the same time Radatz stepped out for that smoke. “The lights were glowing and pulsating,” he said. “They were below the roofline of the AT&T (Town Pavilion) building. I pulled over to watch.”
Unlike Radatz, McNerney is sure what he saw.
“They’re extraterrestrial spacecraft,” he said.
He’s seen them before. 

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