Monday, September 5, 2011

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The UFO Dilemma: Disclosure Vs Cover-Up

The wrong question to ask is: why aren't we blatantly seeing UFOs everywhere in the skies across the world? It sure seems like the right question. But it isn't. The right question is: why is the government not allowing official disclosure to the UFO phenomenon? Why is this the right question? Because countless, possibly thousands of UFOs are blatantly being seen everywhere in our skies across the world. But the government doesn't acknowledge it, and furthermore, it suppresses such reports. They accuse people of not knowing what they're seeing, misconstruing what they witness, and that they're probably intoxicated, drug-induced, mentally ill, sneaky hoaxers, or simply lying. Any reason or excuse is good enough for government work if it helps to quell the whole UFO and ET phenomenon.
What we have here is a failure to allow communication. That is, between the government and we the people. The problem is that there are too many cover-ups and not enough disclosure.
Another right question is: if we are seeing UFOs everywhere, how many of them are actually alien spaceships from beyond our Earth? Ah-ha! Now we're getting somewhere! In other words, what are we really seeing up there when we use the ambiguous label of "UFO?"
Actually, most UFOs we see might be experimental aircraft, incorrectly labeled objects (like birds, planes, weather balloons, Frisbees, kites, Venus, swamp gas, etc.) or something else quite terrestrial. The smaller percentage most likely is extraterrestrial spacecraft. But that's enough to motivate us to act on it and endeavor to reveal the truth.
There are several theories regarding the US government involvement with --not UFOs!-- alien spacecraft, and especially with aliens themselves. One theory is, the government doesn't really know enough, not as much as it would like to know; so naturally, it insists there is no real UFO phenomenon, hence, referring to UFO eyewitnesses as crackpots.
The next theory is, the government definitely acknowledges alien spacecraft, via the military and especially the Air Force, whose pilots have had numerous sightings, and other plausible eyewitnesses too, but since it doesn't know what to really do about the situation, it initiated the usual cover-ups, especially the Roswell crash.
The third theory is that the US government is in direct contact with intelligent extraterrestrials, but they keep this fact top-secret, that the two factions have formed some kind of alliance, which includes that the aliens will help us in advancing our technology if we let them perform abductions of humans and cattle mutilations. Doesn't this last notion sound totally preposterous? Yet some people actually believe this. To verify this claim, Colin Wilson in his book Alien Dawn says, "...the US government had been in contact with aliens and had made an agreement, according to which the aliens were given a base at Groom Lake, near Las Vegas (also known as Area 51) as well as permission to mutilate cattle and abduct human beings, in exchange for teaching US experts about technology." However, others claim this is just another whacked-out conspiracy theory, or even intentional disinformation. Keep in mind, much of this UFO propaganda is meant to sound absurd so that people will be discouraged and eventually see that the whole thing is too ridiculous to be true. Why else do we see photos of the president shaking hands with some grey alien in the tabloid rags?
Another weatherworn question is: why is the US government covering up the UFO phenomenon in the first place? Answers stem from: because they don't know enough to declare anything substantial, to the idea that they're hiding something dreadful from us that they know about and the public would panic over if we all knew. But like what? Government-sanctioned abductions by aliens? And experiments performed on humans? And surgical operations on animals? Or even threat of alien invasion?
The other possibility is that the government officials have painted themselves into a corner. They have been trying to conceal the whole thing for so long, keeping control of the information, even if they wanted to initiate final disclosure, they would be likewise admitting that they have been lying to the public all this time.
I believe it's time to take the US government out of the UFO equation. As long as they're playing games about the whole matter, as long as they seem to -- or pretend to -- have secrets about it, as long as they distribute disinformation to the masses in an attempt to confuse us or create doubt, then we need to walk away from the controlling and manipulating political arena. We need to stop waiting on the US government to declare an official act of disclosure regarding UFOs, alien craft, and aliens. Most likely they never will. So we the people have to be the ones initiating disclosure. And many reporters, authors, eyewitnesses, whistleblowers, etc. have been doing just that. You have to look to them, not our stubborn government, which is in denial.

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