Friday, September 16, 2011

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Educating Humanity it happy to be the first to bring the new MUFON App which is really three modules in one, UFO Search, Skywatch Alert and MUFON Mobile.  You can click on any of the links below to get detailed information. 


UFO Connect is a revolutionary and ground breaking mobile application consisting of educational and interactive tools involved in the UFO phenomena. The mobile application consists of free and pay for modules with varying capabilities. This application was constructed for volunteers to help better communicate and educate MUFONs (Mutual UFO Network) primary mission to "The Scientific Study of UFO's for the Benefit of Humanity". in addition the application will revolutionize the public interaction with the UFO phenomena forever. The mobile application consists of three main modules, MUFON Mobil App, UFO Search and Skywatch Alert. The primary goal of this game changing application is to provide the most connective means to learning about and experiencing the world wide phenomena UFOs.
imageMUFON Mobile
The MUFON Mobil Application allows the user to freely navigate MUFON's online content from the comfort of their mobile device. This module also provides some quick tips and educational material on investigating the UFO Phenomena.
imageUFO Search
UFO Search is a comprehensive application that allows the user to search the MUFON database quickly and easily while on the go. MUFON's database holds tens of thousands of reports spread out all over the world.
imageSkywatch Alert
Skywatch Alert is the UFO Connect's flagship application. This module will revolutionize how the general public, UFO/Skywatcher enthusiast and serious UFO investigator interacts and witness the phenomena we have come to know as UFOs.

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