Friday, September 16, 2011

UFO, Lights Seen Over Southwest Eerily Similar to 1962 Sighting, UFO Over California, Nevada and Arizona

 The UFO Case this past week with lights seen in the sky in Nevada, California and Nevada is very reminiscent of a case from April of 1962.

On the night of April 18, 1962 there was a mass sighting of a Very bright and strange UFO that flew over more than ten states and was seen in the sky by thousands of people as it made it's way across North America. The unidentified flying object was first noticed by witnesses in Oneida and Cuba New York and was heading in a westerly direction. Air Defense Command was alerted by NORAD who was tracking the object for 32 minutes on radar as it moved west and Jet fighters from at least two locations were scrambled to investigate. Sighting reports from witnesses who saw the object in Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California evidently confirmed the UFO had indeed traveled towards the west coast.

In Eureka, Utah witnesses reported the bright UFO triggered photocells causing street lights to shut off and some observers claimed the object "arched over" and crashed just west of town which caused a service disruption at a nearby power plant. A local sheriff said he saw the lights of retail stores go out or became dark as if there was a power outage and according to reports the Air Force later admitted there was a problem at the power plant while something "mysterious", possibly a meteor had landed. Search parties under the watchful eye of the military attempted to locate any remains of the object but nothing was found and interestingly some witnesses said the UFO didn't crash and claimed they saw it land and take off again.

Exactly what happened in Utah is unknown but the object was seen as far west as Reno, Nevada and California and sighting reports from there now claimed the object was traveling from the west towards the east. Apparently the UFO had changed direction and then turned south towards Las Vegas and eventuallydisappeared from Nellis AFB radar at 10,000 feet over the Mesquite Range of Nevada where it reportedly exploded.

This incident was investigate by Dr. Hynek and others and the full report has never been made public.

There are many similarities to this past weeks UFO seen over California, Nevada and Arizona which still remains a mystery. 

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