Sunday, September 4, 2011

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Update on World Disclosure Day
A New Avenue to Attack Disclosure

World Disclosure Day (WDD) currently has 4440 endorsements. Paradigm Research Group (PRG) estimates it will take around 100,000 endorsements to attract the desired attention from the political media. The most represented nation is the United States and the second most represented nation is the People's Republic of China. A new international promotional effort will begin soon to build public awareness, increase the number of endorsements and obtain endorsements of note. This effort will be bundled with The Disclosure Petition. (See video below) You can personally or organizationally add you name or company to the growing list of people supporting Disclosure by clicking here. 

Americans are changing the way they connect with the White House - by launching a platform on that creates a new way for you to join your voice with others to petition your government. If a petition gathers enough signatures, White House staff will review it, make sure it gets to the appropriate policy experts, and issue an official response. 

This provides one additional opportunity to go through official channels to achieve disclosure. I know many people think going through any official channel or through the government is like blowing in the wind but you have to keep in mind that it was the government that unintentionally gave us the internet. The unintentional consequences of government action can produce amazing results. This just might be one of them. 

It obviously will take time but the more avenues to the truth being pursued the better the chances of getting to these long held secrets. The small but powerful group holding onto the UFO secrets are looking for a way to bring it into the public domain and this may provide them an opportunity to do so!

Add your name or company to the list of those demanding disclosure, click here!
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