Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Notre Dame Has UFO Spectator at Football Game Sept 2011, UFO Video

Notre Dame Stadium evacuated due to severe lighting, UFO Sept 3, 2011

The game was delayed by weather twice, both at halftime and in the fourth quarter. The first halftime delay lasted over two hours, while the second weather delay lasted around 30 minutes.  An elongated UFO appears during the height of the lighting activity! The lightening was so close that at one point it actually hit the building.  Some have speculated that his could have been ball lightening but this is not typical of that phenomena. There has been some talk that UFOs recharge their systems by the energy that lightening produces. 
It is amazing how little we know about lightening, We have no idea whether or not it can be harnessed to be used as a clean power source on earth! 

This is not the first time a UFO has been spotted live at football game.  Unidentified flying objects appeared in a Dallas Cowboys game in 1979 and was captured on live TV. 
The UFO not withstanding South Florida ekked out a 23-20 win over the Irish!
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