Thursday, September 22, 2011

MUFON's Huge Increase in UFO Reports, New App, UFO Connect

Educating Humanity discusses MUFON's huge increase in UFO reports and UFO Connect

Increase in UFO Reports

Cilfford Clift, International Director of MUFON had a chance to discuss the huge increase in UFO reports with Educating Humanity. Clift says "that three years ago MUFON was averaging around 250 sightings a month, in the last three years that has gone to 500 sightings a month and recently they had a spike of 1013 in August of 2011." MUFON claims that historically there has been a large spike in sightings approximately every 5 years. No identifiable reason was given for the recurrent increase in UFO reports. 

Clift says that he has to wait a few months to really identify why this huge spike in reports has occurred, "just to let the dust settle." While he did not mention a computer glitch(which has been widely report) he did say that "there have been more TV shows on  the Discovery, History Channels and a recent round of popular movies such as Cowboys and Aliens that may have peaked peoples interest". 

Clift went on to say that "there are more and more popular websites that are providing a link to MUFON, people are finding more opportunities to report sightings."  Clift and his organization estimate that 90% to 95% of all UFO sightings go unreported. Clift said "that people are beginning to understand that MUFON is not just a reporting agency, they are the only organization that actively investigates UFO sightings."

UFO Connect New MUFON App

Educating Humanity was first report on MUFONS new app UFO ConnectThe mobile application consists of three main modules, MUFON Mobil App, UFO Search and Skywatch Alert. The primary goal of this game changing application is to provide the most connective means to learning about and experiencing the world wide UFO phenomena.  

MUFON Mobile allows users to freely navigate MUFONS online content. UFO Search allows users to access their huge database with tens of thousands of historical sightings. Skywatch Alert is the UFO Connect's flagship application. This module will revolutionize how the general public, UFO/Skywatcher enthusiast and serious UFO investigator interacts and witness the phenomena we have come to know as UFOs. This application works much like the well known Amber Alert system for missing persons and law enforcement activity. Check out the links, this new app is a game changer when it comes to serious Ufologists, researchers and casual viewers they will all find this new app indispensable.

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