Sunday, September 25, 2011

Moon, Supermoon Coming Along Comet Elenin Sept 27, 2011

As mentioned before, some people believe that the supermoon may play a role in severe weather or seismic events. Daniel Vogler, AccuWeather Astronomy expert added, 
"There will as usual be an increase in quakes within the +-3 day window. If sunspot 1289 picks up intensity, expect more of what happened in Canada."
Mark Paquette
The astronomy blog, by Mark Paquette, discusses stargazing and astronomy issues and how the weather will interact with current astronomy events

In a couple of days, another supermoon will occur. A supermoon, by definition, is when the Earth, moon and sun are all in a line at the same time that the moon is at its closest approach to Earth. To be a supermoon, the moon has to be either full or new, or else the "line" mentioned above would not be in effect. This supermoon will take place on Sept. 27.

Basically, the supermoon causes an increase of the gravitational pull on the Earth by the two celestial bodies that influence the gravitational pull the most, the sun and the moon. When these bodies are lined up, such as during a new or full moon, the two gravitational pulls of these bodies act in concert on the Earth. That is why the tides are astronomically higher during a full or new moon. When the sun and moon are not lined up, they cancel each other out somewhat. When the moon is at perigee (its closest pass to the Earth), the gravitational pull of the moon on the Earth is also slightly stronger. So all of these facts cause an increased gravitational pull on the Earth during a supermoon.

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