Sunday, September 18, 2011

Denver Launches Extraterrestrial Initiative, The Mile High City Looks For ET

Denver launches ET Commission Intiative

After getting off to a slow start the initiative to create a commission in Denver for the study of extraterrestrials is looking like it is going to get off the ground.

Jeff Peckman is moving his voter education program forward this week with Initiative 300, which establishes a seven member panel which would prepare Denverites for a possible alien encounter. The panel will be charged with researching and collecting data for such an event. The initiative received enough valid signatures to be placed on the November ballot.

Peckman is a UFO disclosure activist as well as running for Mayor of Denver for the Natural Law Party

Peckman recently expressed his enthusiasm about raising awareness for his initiative. The primary purpose of the program is to educate voters with as many facts as "I can get in front of them", "at east when they are paying attention."

Peckman goes on to say that the commission would not cost taxpayers anything. He is hoping to educate people about a wide range of issues that he truly believes are related to alien visitations, such as clean renewable energy, environmental issues and jobs.

Peckman says that there is a great deal to be gained by including this topic into Iniatiative 300, the panel would consist of people that are knowledgeable experts on extraterrestrial. The money would be raised by grants, donations and gifts according to Peckman.

Peckman believes that Denver is well positioned to lead the country on this initiative, after all it is the mile high city, closer to our extraterrestrial brethren the most other cities.
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