Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Conspiracy Theorist Having a Field Day With Obama's Visit to Denver, Government Cover-up, Video

What is really happening in Colorado

A very strange sequence of events is setting itself up for this coming week and it really makes you wonder what is going on. It you were into conspiracy theories it would be very easy to connect the dots, let take a look at what has happened in the past few weeks and what is suppose to happen between now and September 27th.

1. The largest (and rare) earthquake hits Colorado in over 100 years on August 23, 2011 click here for link! The Russian claim it was an explosion see link below, also see video below. 
2. Comet Elenin aligns with earth Sept 26-29, 2011 click here for a link.
3. President Obama announces meetings in Denver for Sept 27th Click here for link.
4. Then there is the bizarre story that the Russians are reporting, that Obama is holding Def-con 1 exercises in Colorado and that the earthquake in Colorado was actually an underground nuclear explosion. click here for link.
5. Largest Underground Bunkers in the USA are in Colorado and at the Denver Airport click here for link.  To read about Steven Colbert at the Colorado airport and to take a quick tour, click here.
6. Then NASA is saying that one of their satellites is falling back to earth between Sept 22-24 give or a take a day. (This would be a pretty good cover story) click here for link

Taken individually these events might seem rather minor but putting them together at the same location seems very unlikely. My personal take on all of this is that we will wake up Sept 28th and go about our daily business as if  nothing significant has happened and even if something did happen we may never know exactly what is was.  That being said it never hurts to pay attention and keep a close eye on events over the next seven or eight days. 

The only conspiracy that I can speak to with first hand knowledge is the UFO cover-up. This conspiracy is  a fact and it has been documented more times the anyone cares to count. Also both my personal and business life have led me on a journey that brings conclusive evidence to this cover-up.

I am not one to jump onto conspiracy bandwagons but I will be paying close attention to the events of the next 7-10 days.
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