Monday, September 26, 2011

CERN, Particles Discovered Moving Faster Then the Speed of Light, Galileo Moment, Video

Every few lifetimes there is a game changer, a Galileo Moment and this is one of them! 

This is such startling news that it may take us years to really understand what it means and all the practical uses and applications that may stem from this news. This changes what we have thought, believed and have been taught for more then one hundred years.  The scientific knowledge that will be gained from this discovery will be beyond our wildest comprehension


Scientists at CERN in Geneva say they have discovered sub-atomic particles that move even faster than the universally accepted rate of 300,000 kilometres a second.
Experts say the discovery is a game-changer - and is more significant than the discovery of radioactivity.
If proven, it will blow Einstein's 1905 theory of relativity - a fundamental pillar of physics - out of the water.

One of CERN's Motto's is "Accelerating Science"..........this finding alone will rate as one of the biggest achievements of mankind in over 100 years.

Photo's: Courtesy CERN
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