Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Alien Visitation, UFO Disclosure, Why are They Here, Video

Our Destiny is in the Stars, to become part of the Greater Community

Bob Dean, Delores Cannon, Dr. Richard Boylan, Dr. Steven Greer and a host of other talk about aliens visiting planet earth, the UFO cover-up and the inclusion of earth into the Federation of Planets.
The premise put forward by Dr. Greer is for mankind to move forward as a race we must end this illegal secrecy and we must allow all this hidden information and technologies to get out into the public.

This is a group of well respected professionals that have been discussing alien visitation and the UFO phenomena for many years. The thoughts and ideas they put forward are reasonable and honest. The cover up of this information may have been necessary at one time but in today's world it is only holding back humanity and needs to come into the daylight. 

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