Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Alien Disclosure, NASA Moving One Step Closer to Disclosure, Video

A Step in the Process to Full Disclosure

This video really is the setup to full disclosure, we are going to have to find microbial life before they announce to the world that other intelligent beings inhabit the universe. James Green, Director of Planetary Science at NASA  admits that, "this will change everyone's thinking," that the possibility of intelligent life exists. 

He did say one thing of interest in this short video and that is "NASA does not think intelligent life exists in out solar system," what an odd statement to make because no one is suppose to know, we have not even scratched the surface (supposedly) of what is in our solar system. Why even hazard a guess with this very odd statement, unless you know something that the rest of the world does not! 

We already a have been told that  the building blocks of DNA have found on meteorites. In the last year alone we have been given small hints of some of the amazing things that are in the universe, i.e. it is now believed that all the gold on planet earth has extraterrestrial origin, we have been told about a diamond planet five times the size of earth.  The number of new planets discovered in the last year alone that could contain life has been staggering. Each piece of the puzzle is slowly being put in place.  

The next step to full disclosure is to announce that microbial life has been found in the universe, this sets the stage for the announcement of intelligent life.

I believe that NASA will announce the finding of some form of life within the next twelve months. At that point the door will be open to disclosure that changes everything. 

The setup for full disclosure is slowly being put in place, once the events starts to unfold information will be given to us a a fairly rapid pace. 
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