Friday, August 12, 2011

World Disclosure Day Update, How Can You Make a Difference

World Disclosure Day - July 8 - Update

Joining the World Disclosure Day Movement organized by the Paradigm Research Group may be one of the best things you can do to start a ground movement for full government disclosure. This is a legitimate organization that produces some excellent documentaries. Joining this movement will not result in spam or a unwanted emails!
WDD (World Disclosure Day), after being launched six weeks ago, is making progress. There are now 4100 personal and 200 organization endorsements from around the world. A section for endorsements of note has been initiated. Of particular interest is the number of endorsements that have come from the People's Republic of China. Media coverage has been modest but that was expected. Coverage will increase substantially when the endorsements approach the 100,000 threshold.

It costs nothing to endorse WDD and takes a few minutes. A hundred thousand endorsements is quite achievable if enough people learn about WDD and find the website. Please continue to spread awareness of World Disclosure Day.

Sign the White House Petition for Full Disclosure, Click here
To sign up for WDD Follow:
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