Friday, August 5, 2011

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Propaganda or a communication from aliens that we should pay attention to!

Many people think that aliens have been communicating with man for a long time, through dreams, crop circles, abductions and even personal visitations. When they actually appear over nuclear facilities and tamper with the nuclear capabilities you have to wonder if this is some form of direct communication. After all, nuclear power is known to be the genesis for the formation of the universe. It is a fact that planets are created from nuclear  reactions so this is  the very basic reaction that creates  life. 

If you looked at living things through a microscope, you would see that all life is made up of bacteria, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and many other elements such as phosphorus and sulfur. This is pretty basic stuff but what most people do not understand is that it takes a nuclear reaction to get it all started. When man finally understood that splitting the atom would cause great destruction and devastation they failed to see the flip side. It took us a while but man finally figured out that we could create electricity through nuclear fusion. That was a great start but we have not moved very far beyond that. When most people think nuclear they think war and destruction they do not think of life and creation.

As always the media (in this report) spends as much time talking about coffee as they do about nuclear power. That being said the underlying message comes through loud and clear if you are paying attention.........This is about saving mankind!

According to these men, UFOs were spotted hovering over nuclear missile sites and military bases all over the world, mostly in a surveillance capacity. But there have been incidents when surveillance wasn’t the only objective. In March 1967, two incidents occurred at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, rendering 20 ICBMs temporarily unlaunchable. In 1966, at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota, the launch countdown of several ICBMs was set off, causing US Air Force missile officers to scramble with an override.
In October 1982, in then, Soviet Ukraine, launch countdowns were set off on a number of missiles, only to be hurriedly deactivated by Soviet officers after 15 harrowing seconds.
Given the fact that these incidents have gone on over there including one incident of their missiles being temporarily activated when a UFO was hovering over the missile base, identical to what occurred in the United States, I think we can rule out that whoever are piloting these craft are either American or Russian," said Hastings.

I believe that we really need to pay attention to this message, which is........something that can create all the elements of life can also destroy all the elements of life.............."you better understand what you are doing with this power before you start using it"! 
Video Source: RT News

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