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UFOs, Debunk, Why Do Debunkers Debunk Part Four, A Look Inside the Truth

Anatomy of the UFO Debunkers - Part Four

This is a four part series, links to the first three parts are listed below.

Why do debunkers debunk UFOs and ETs? What makes a debunker tick? Do they have some kind of clandestine agenda or cause? What's their incentive? Perhaps they think this defines who they are, or it makes them feel whole, or it's just their job, or maybe they honestly believe in their disbelief in UFOs and ETs, so their strong conviction drives them onward. Perhaps many of them feel this way, but I bet there is a large percentage that has a different agenda (in spite of personal beliefs). I'm talking about those that are actually "paid" to disclose disinformation amidst the public, to persuade them that UFOs and ETs don't exist, and that the whole idea is totally absurd.

Upton Sinclair once said, "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it."
So they are most likely paid to suspend their understanding or belief, because their paycheck is probably too fat for them to even care. The facts or the evidence or eyewitnesses in these thousands of cases don't matter, only circulating propaganda and disinformation matters, and getting paid for it.
Alright, if they are being paid, who is paying them? Obviously, it's the government, and this could be orchestrated through its Intelligence branches. They may hand-pick certain authors, scientists, activists, politicians, or other experts, or even their own agents, to do their dirty work.
The fact is, the government isn't ready to disclose what it knows about the UFO phenomenon -- if it knows anything at all. So it struggles to continue the concealment, even though the evidence is out there -- somewhere. That's why the government depends on the debunkers -- to discredit the eyewitnesses and the evidence. Obviously, any clues or evidence is being covered up, because if the government wasn't, the UFO phenomenon would be no longer out on the fringes, but a part of the mainstream, and major UFO stories would be circulated all over the media. True, a few trickle in here and there, but well controlled, and not taken seriously by many people.
The debunkers are the Counter-UFO soldiers out to disseminate the gospel of denial. But why are they diligently debunking and covering up perhaps the most astounding phenomenon in history? Here's a list of reasons, explanations, and possibilities as to why debunkers want to debunk UFOs:
1. Intelligence agents and government operatives are on a mission to plant seeds of doubt and to distribute disinformation, to continue the ongoing cover-ups.

2. Disinformation experts are paid to debunk UFOs. Money matters most if nothing else.
3. Debunkers along with other people fear what the truth of the matter may be, so they hastily deny it. Alternative explanations will do.
4. Debunkers depend on the fact that many people believe life only exists on Earth, such as most atheists and certain fundamentalist Christians, so UFOs and ETs can't possibly exist.
5. They thrive on sheer skepticism. If it can't possibly exist, it definitely doesn't.
6. They proclaim that the concept of UFOs and ETs goes against conventional science. To stay inside the box is practical and acceptable by the norm.
7. Their DNA is obviously hard-wired in deniability - in other words, they're ornery and stubborn! Plus they're collective heads are stuck in the sand.
8. Many of them simply and honestly flat-out disbelieve in UFOs and ETs. With the exception of those getting paid - they don't care either way.
To sum it up, I say the dekunkers don't really have a leg or two to stand on. Maybe they use crutches. Basically, they live in the Dark Ages amidst a modern world, and they only see what they want to see, because the truth doesn't matter. I think the evidence for ETs and UFOs outweighs the evidence of a non-UFO phenomenon taking place, or whatever they want to call it. If it's out there, it's out there, plain and simple, and you can't cover the whole sky with a big blanket of propaganda for too long, because sooner or later, the truth will come out and blast all those debunkers to blithering smithereens! Or so we can hope.
Of course, even if a flying saucer from another world did in fact land on the White House lawn and a friendly alien came out and shook the hand of the president, the observing die-hard debunker will desperately deny it!

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Source and Author: R. R. Stark 

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